EXPIRED HUKD: Brand New '58 Vauxhall Vectra 5 Door Hatchback for £7960 (RRP £15,920)

http://www.buyacar.co.uk/contentimages/medium_vauxhall_vectra_range_421.jpegUpdate: Thanks to alicom007 for letting us know that this deal is now expired.

Got extra cash spare in your wallet despite the credit crunch? Looking to buy a new car, instead of donating it to us starving writers here at BW?

HUKDer J400uk posted this deal today that's already reached over 500 degrees celsius and rising. It's a new & unused Vauxhall Vectra at HALF the list price RRP of £15,920, down to £7,960.

The cars are new Vauxhall Vectra Exclusive 5 door hatchbacks, UK supplied, and carry a 3 year manufacture's warranty. It is being offered by Thurlby Motors, apparently one of the UK's largest independent Vauxhall dealers.

Here's a top pick summary of the discussion.

Concerns were raised about whether this deal is genuine or not. HUKD member ashxxx warns, "ALL they do is drive on there own from driveways into neighbours bay windows".

In response, davt99 points out that she should "always park in gear (explicits removed)". It's a joke, obviously.

HUKDer tonyg1962 thinks it's a great deal. He sold his '06 Vectra last week with 25,000 miles for £6,900, so believes this is a real bargain, if confirmed. He also believes that the hand brakes have been updated for the newer models.

More importantly, for those of us vehicle illiterate readers, is this a good deal or not? The original source is from here, apparently a writer for the motoring supplement in the Telegraph. He can't run (or drive) too far, I suppose.

So can someone go buy one already and let us know?

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  • alicom007
    this is expired btw. apparently the ofer was last week and they had 40 and they all got sold.

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