How to... check if there's been a recall on your car

car scrapHave you heard something about your car being recalled? Did someone down the pub half tell you something about airbags being faulty and you think it might be your vehicle, but you got so blind drunk that you can't really remember what they said?

Or maybe you read about a recall concerning your car in a newspaper and want to know more, like a sensible person?

Well, there's a handy tool that you can use whenever you feel like, so you don't have to rely on car manufacturers to get shipshape, or trawl around the internet looking for something to help you out.

The government have got a tool where you can check to see if there's been a recall for vehicle, part or accessory, which is really handy.

The site says: "You can use this service to find out if a safety fault has caused a manufacturer to recall: cars, motorcycles, quadricycles and tricycles" as well as "caravans and horse boxes, child car seats, seat belts and harnesses, tyres, components and parts, agricultural equipment, lorries, buses, coaches and minibuses."

Obviously, you're going to have to have a few things at your disposal first. You’ll need to know the manufacturer, model, and date of manufacture. If you have that information, you're away!

Click here to use the vehicle recall tool

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  • gillian s.
    Vauxhall meriva 2006 query power steering recall

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