HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday April 8th

Here at Bitterwallet HQ, we’re having all of our skirting boards replaced as we’ve become convinced they’ve been bugged, either by shadowy government agencies, or rival consumer websites.

Doesn’t mean we don’t have the time to dredge up some of the best bargains from you from HotUKDeals though. Is that you beeping? Why are you beeping??

We’re kicking off with basic breakdown cover from the AA, on offer for £27, but it can be available for next to nothing if you know how to massage the system. Yes, massage the system, it’s a popular phrase, you never used it?

Using Quidco and having a Nectar card can get the cost of the basic membership right down and you can then upgrade your membership directly with the AA. Go for the Super Super Uber Deluxe, where your car will be repaired by blindfolded midgets while the mechanic takes you out for a Chinese meal before moving on to a casino. Only £3,500 a year.

Next, a crazy little instore game in Homebase that has cropped up on HUKD. It seems that your local Homebase has a big button in the middle of it – press it and someone will come and answer your query in under two minutes. If not, you’ll get 10% off yor purchase.

As HUKDer Lakeside suggests, “Bring a screwdriver and move the buzzer to the other side of the store before pressing it. Hide inside a water butt to be absolutely sure.” Nice one.

Finally, with the kids on holiday and the weather becoming borderline bearable, you might be thinking about getting away for a few days and communing with nature, in a big tent. You’d be mad to do so, but there you go.

Check out this – a 10-person 2-room Pro Action Hyperdome tent that was £195.69 but is now yours for just £97.85. Pro Action Hyperdome makes it sound like it’ll be an adrenaline-fuelled experience but in truth you and your family will probably just end up wanting to throttle each other. Know this.

(deals found by dr.met.ty, Charliejack and andywedge)

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  • Mike H.
    I'm off to home HOMBASE to push the button and run, if I do it enough times and they get pissed off, they might not come back and thus I get my 10% off crap stuff, brill!

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