HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 25th August

25 August 2010

hukd_logob1 Warmth, travel and audio-visual entertainment. The three things that any right-thinking doctor will tell you that all human beings need in order to survive. And jackpot – we’ve got them here for you now.

Better still, they’re all pretty cheap, thanks to the geniuses at HotUKDeals

745000_1Petrol. Giver of life. On average, we drink about three pints of it every day and if we didn’t, we would almost certainly die. Oh, and diesel as well. That’s just a posh type of petrol (carbonated petrol if memory serves us correctly).

Thankfully, the price of petrol and its posh neighbour diesel appears to be on the plummet again. Right now, you can get a delicious litre of petrol for no more than 110.9p and a litre of fizzy diesel for 113.9p. Just don’t drink it all at once – or smoke while you’re supping it.

744904_1We’re in need of a new telly here in Bitterwallet HQ. That sorry state of affairs has been caused by the launch of Ultimate Big Brother – two whole weeks with the likes of Nikki Grahame, Chantelle whatsherface and John McBastardCririck all over the popular press.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, there was a fight over who was going to get to put their boot through our existing tellybox and in the scuffle that ensued, it fell over. So we’re going have to fork out £169.99 for a Hannspree ST251 25" LCD Freeview Full HD 1920x1080. Bugger.

744805_1Finally for today, we’re in need of some new loft insulation here in Bitterwallet HQ. We’d read this website that said you could fuel a rocket on slow-burning loft insulation and to cut a long story short, we had a go and now we also need some legal representation.

But back to the loft insulation – assuming that all of our money doesn’t go towards a massive fine, we’ll shortly be investing in some of the fluffy stuff, with three rolls available for only £3.00. Warmth, bring it on.

(deals found by HUKD members nicster08, sil0 and erm, nicster08 again)

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  • Jason
    Quite crazy considering most petrol prices (inc. Asda) peaked at around 118.9p in Jan '10...being watching it steadily fall over the last month or so.

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