HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 16th October

Another daily dose of cool deals that aren’t really cool because in fact they’re actually HOT! Courtesy, as ever, of the hawk-eyes at HotUKDeals.

Super Saver Just Got Superer

First up is a long overdue change to Amazon’s delivery charge tariff. They’re slashing their Super Saver free delivery from a £15 minimum purchase to a £5 minimum (full details here). They’re almost catching up with lots of other online retailers, but still lagging behind those who don’t have a delivery charge of any kind. Better than nothing though.

Two things should occur on the back of this. Firstly, Amazon will do a hell of a lot more business as those of us who usually baulk at the £15 limit go back and have a good root around on the site. Secondly, those who delight in finding ultra-cheap items on Amazon and bigging them up as ‘fillers’ will become more or less redundant overnight. Shame.
(Deal found by bensliu)


Finally petrol has snuck back below the 100p per litre mark – it looks as though there’s something of a price war developing and you can find out more by following links here and here.

As usual, the price cuts are fairly random and determined by location, but don’t go driving 40 miles to make a saving of 5p a litre – them maths don’t add up. Also, bear in mind that prices could come down further still. Aargh – it’s like fuel poker!
(Deal found by michael mcnally)


But don’t feel left out if you can’t drive – get yourself ‘the UK's best-selling all-in-one driving test software’ as developed by driving experts at Learner Driver Centres (LDC), the UK's 3rd largest driving school. Soon you’ll also be able to experience the grinding sense of frustration that comes with being a motorist.
The good news is that it can be had for just £3.48, down from £9.99. The bad news is that as it’s from Amazon, you won’t have spent enough for free Super Saver delivery. And lo, the circle is complete and our work here is done.
(Deal found by Muhammad)


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