HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 11th February

Today’s splendiferous bargains will help you feel safer and more secure. At home, at play in your motor vehicle and in squirreled away up in your attic (subject to superstition-related engulftion).

All of this comes from HotUKDeals. You should hang out there more – they’re a super bunch.

Are you cold? No, seriously, are you? You look sad and you’re shaking. Have you tried pouring hot soup up your sleeves? Or putting your head in the oven? You shouldn’t.

What you should do however is click here to find out how you can get some loft insulation worth £50 for just £3. The subsidised offer starts on Friday the 13th so be warned that the stuff might come alive, engulf you and kill you.

To paraphrase Madness, we like driving in our cars. They’re a great way of getting from A to B and thanks to a loophole in the law, you can mow down anyone who steps into the road without looking first.

Now you can enjoy the knowledge that if your car explodes or you drive it into a lake while chasing some ducks, someone will sort it out for you. Namely the RAC, for just £9 per year. Some terms and conditions apply that mean you can do as many as none of the above things.

Lastly, as it’s Valentines Day soon, you’ll be expecting to retire to bed with your loved one for a roll around and some skin-on-skin jiggerypokery.

Sadly, he/she’ll probably be too tired/drunk/disgusted by you though. So why not make the physical/emotional gap between you even wider with a new Super King Size bed. HUUUGE savings here. Zzzzzzzzzzzz…

(deals found by johnpbnoble, nicksinghuk and spectre)

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