HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 16th August

new hukd logo Right then – are you someone who enjoys petrol, stuffing an infinite amount of grub into your chops and playing video games? Yes, we know you are. Come with us pretty things….

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996684_1Let’s kick off with a subject that is close to most of our delicate hearts and can enrage even the shyest, humblest of men, women and children – we speak of course about the price of SODDING PETROL AND DIESEL.

It’s a bleedin’ disgrace and means that these days we’re only driving to places that are mainly downhill so that we can freewheel it. Thankfully Sainsbury’s have got an offer starting soon that will get you 12p off every litre that you buy, if you’ve done a £60 shop.

996380_1There is no finer sight than an Englishman at play in the middle of an ‘Eat All You Want’ buffet. That steel-eyed gaze, the slow breathing, taking in just enough air to survive as he concentrates on munching his way through all the food that he imagines is actually free.

Now, thanks to the good people at the Brewer’s Fayre chain of pubs, every night* is Eat All You Want Night, and it’s available for only £5.99 per person. Featured nights during the week include Indian, Chinese and… wait for it… Chip Shop.
(*some nights)

996820_1Earlier on, we told you about the imminent price drop for the Sony Playstation 3, but we’re all about fairness here at Bitterwallet and it’s only right and proper that we remind you that other consoles are also available.

Such as the XBox 360 console, brought to you by the boffins, geeks and nerds at Microsoft. If you’re short on space, you might like to try the slim version of the 250GB version of the thing – it could be yours for a piffling £148.00 right now. GO!

(deals found by HUKD members shadow1, DJ Mole and Spies)

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