HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 29th January

As sure as eggs is eggs, you’ll find your daily round-up of the hottest of all the deals at HotUKDeals right here. We personally peruse every single one of the hundreds of offers, individually putting them under a special bargain-finding microscope and then writing a couple of paragraphs of bollocks about them.

This is the news - today’s deals won’t cost you a penny* – they’re all FREE!

First up, we’re receiving reports from HUKD member liesbet8023 that there is Christmas wrapping paper being given away to customers at his/her/its local Asda store. Find out more here.

We don’t know if it’s a nationwide giveaway so we’re not looking to start a huge pilgrimage to Asdas across the nation but… last one there’s a paper-less stinker!
(deal found by liesbet8023)

Next, another freebie. If you’re an Audi driver, you’re in line to get a free MOT. Oh yes, ‘tis true. We can’t guarantee that the tester won’t find 1001 things wrong with it, leading to a four-figure repair bill to get it through the re-test, but what do you want from us – blood?

If you DO want blood, drop us a line at [email protected] and let us know which of the BW team you’d like the blood from and we’ll see what we can do for you.
(deal found by Ladsbroke)

Finally, if you’re familiar with of Sigur Ros, you’re probably already a big fan of theirs – they’re that kind of group. Glacial, majestic music topped off with nonsensical lyrics (a made-up language called Hopelandic in case you were wondering.)

There’ll be a free compilation CD of some of their best stuff free with the Independent newspaper this weekend. Below is one of their most recognisable tracks, Hoppipolla. If you can’t wait till the weekend, get your hands on Spotify and stream yourself a sizey dose of more Sigur Ros.
(deal found by WorKid)

*Except the ones where you’ve got to buy things first in order to get the free stuff.

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