HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 27th May

hukd_logob1 Are you ready for some mega-bargains? Are you ready for savings on fuel, and a computer game that could engulf your very being, causing you to not need the fuel any more? And have you got room in your life for a FREE portable movie player? You do? Come hither then my pretty…

You should check out HotUKDeals once we’re finished with you – you’ll blow your top at the amazingness that’s going on over there.

687222Today’s first deal has been generating some nuclear heat at HotUKDeals over the past 24 hours – which could be potentially tragic as it’s highly flammable. We speak, of course, of petrol and diesel.

We’re talking supermarket petrol stations and we’re talking low, low prices of 113.9p and 115.9p, which are pretty obscene in themselves, but a damn sight cheaper than they have been of late. Some are saying that a supermarket petrol price war is coming, but those prices aren’t available everywhere – if you find them, well done – if not, keep searching.

687580Next up comes another red hot offer – spend £39 (before VAT) on stationary and/or office-type gubbins and land yourself a FREE portable movie player, the kind that makes long car journeys slightly less unbearable for some of us.

The screen resolution on the thing is 480 x 234, it’s got a seven inch screen and it takes an 8GB memory card filled with films, photos or memories. Possibly not memories actually. Over at HUKD, the huddled masses are debating what the best way to spend the £39 is, allowing you to get the most ‘bang’ for your ‘buck.’

687441Finally for today, a computer game. But not any old computer game – a one that is as addictive as crystal meth and like crystal meth, could result in you losing your teeth (when your wife knocks them out with a wrench through her frustration at your complete and utter immersion in it)

Hooray! The game is the mighty Football Manager 2010 and you can have a copy of this majestic time vampire for only £10.85. When you consider that the RRP of the game is £39.99, it’s a relatively small investment when you consider that it could bring about the complete collapse of your life as you know it now. No need to thank us!

(deals found by HUKD members jay_leeds, loopy_lew and leeds_united_afc)

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