HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 21st November

It’s almost the weekend again and all is well. If you’re a single man, Madonna’s back on the market, if you’re not a BNP member, your car/house probably won’t get firebombed any time soon, and if you’re a member of HotUKDeals, your eyes are probably spinning around on the end of their stalks in wonderment at the plethora of bargains that are up for grabs today. Here’s three of the best for ya…

Fuel wonderful fuel, get it while it’s cheap. Ignoring the fact that it’s not really is it? The prices are coming down although it’s still pretty extortionate compared to where it was a couple of years ago. Morrisons are the latest supermarket to join in the petrol war, knocking the price of a litre down to 89.9p. So that’s 90p basically.

Hey, can you imagine what a real petrol war would look like? Carnage, that’s what. And is it just us, or is the smell of petrol sublime? Almost as lovely as the smell of Baileys. Which reminds us…
(Deal found by lmw)

If you’re a regular DOTD reader, you might have picked up on a small obsession we've got with Baileys Irish Cream. Helpfully, with Christmas approaching, there’s a Baileys war in full swing too.

The bar has been lowered again, and a litre of the beautiful, sickly stuff is yours for just £8, more than half the RRP. Find out where and how you can get some here. Last one there has to drink it out of a shoe.
(Deal found by lufc246)

Finally, there’s a chart DVD bargain bonanza thundering over the horizon. From Monday, beleaguered Woolworths are reducing their chart DVDs to £9.90. There’s a few deal rules to study at HUKD, but there’s also a nice voucher there for you as well to bring the price down even further.

But is it REALLY that good a deal? Tip - don’t get Mamma Mia from Woolies – Asda will be doing it for an obscenely cheap £7 from Monday. Also, as HUKD member Cheap_N_Nicety sagely points out, “Seems a bit expensive to me, considering you can buy all of Woolworths for £1.” Hmmm…
(Deal found by jaysex212005 and jacksmummy)

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