Hospitals making millions from parking fees

22 December 2015

parking Hospital parking fees are a big bone of contention with a lot of people, and now, the Press Association have got some figures from a Freedom of Information request, which is going to infuriate everyone even further.

NHS hospital trusts are going to come in for a lot of criticism, after it transpired that some hospitals are making over £3 million a year from parking fees. Over half of the trusts that responded  were making over a million quid.

Nearly half of all trusts charged people with disabilities to park in some, or all of their designated spaces, too.

Chief executive of the Patients Association Katherine Murphy, said: "We are concerned that hospitals in England still charge patients for car parking. Why is it that patients in Wales and Scotland do not have to pay to park? It is a postcode lottery and a tax on sick people who sometimes struggle to pay."

"The money is never reinvested in frontline services. Hospital car parks are often managed by private contractors who take a huge percentage of the profits. This is morally wrong – and charging disabled people is a disgrace."

A Department of Health spokesperson added that people shouldn't have to deal with this 'added stress': "We expect all NHS organisations to follow our guidelines on car parking, including offering discounts to disabled people. Patients and families shouldn't have to deal with the added stress of unfair parking charges and our guidance rightly helps the public hold the NHS to account for any unfair charges or practices."

Here are some stats:

- University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust raised £3,126,108 from car park charges in 2014/15.
- Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust raised £3,160,913 in 2014/15.
- The Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust took £3,413,413 in car park charges in 2014/15.
- Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust raised £3,728,000 net in 2014/15.
- University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust took £3,876,314 in parking charges in 2014/15, of which £1,206,836 was from staff.
- University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust made £3.07 million
- University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust earned £3.87 million
- East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust raised £3.25 million

- Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust £2.20 million
- Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust £2.47 million
- Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust £2.18 million
- Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust £2.56 million
- Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust £2.89 million
- Northern Lincolnshire & Goole NHS Foundation Trust £2.15 million
- Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust £2.57 million
- University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust £2.03 million

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  • Chris
    Providing parking is a cost to the hospital. It is also an asset and an opportunity to contribute revenue to help fund the core business of helping patients recover. There's parallels with the coffee-shops and restaurants in the hospitals. These are also run by third parties (whose core business it is to efficiently run coffee-shops & restaurants) and the hospital will receive revenue from these too. If (public transport) access to the hospital is a problem, then this should be the thing to complain about; not the "it costs me too much to park the car-I've-already-spent-£1000s-on, when I'm not using it". Free or reduced-cost parking for disabled-badge holders is another, separate issue.
  • Marvin
    If the NHS trusts are making £3 million, how much are G4S (the people who operate the car parks) and their ilk making. Also the last hospital I went to, the car park charges were going towards the building of a new multi storey car park!
  • squiffy
    Why is charging disabled people a disgrace? I see plenty of posh cars in disabled spaces, its not like they can't afford it. The main reason for disabled spaces is they are closer to the facilities they require. Yes there are many disabled people living on tax payers money and there is no point in charging them, but there are plenty of rich older disabled, we can't afford to pay for heating bills and parking.
  • Mooch
    "Buy land, they're not making it anymore" said Mark Twain. It's just another thing that they took from us - to sell it back and charge us for.

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