Honda recall a further 4.5million airbags

9 July 2015

Honda Unbelievably, the airbag recall - which has seen millions of cars brought back in - isn't over. Honda are recalling another 4.5 million vehicles globally, while they try and sort out the awful mess of faulty airbags, which has (so far) claimed eight lives.

So, at the moment, the total Honda recalls now include 24.5 million vehicles worldwide - the total if you include other car makers, is a dizzying 40 million.

As you'll know, the fault with the airbags in question, made by a company called Takata, saw bits of metal and shrapnel shooting out when the airbag inflated. This is the largest vehicle recall in history. What's worse for Takata, apart from their reputation, is that Honda's new CEO, Takahiro Hachigo, said that his company will not be helping Takata to pay for the recalls.

Of course, another thing hanging over Takata is the multiple class-action lawsuits, and criminal investigations and regulatory probes. One of the things that will haunt the company is when they failed to support an American-wide recall of vehicles fitted with their airbags.

This is going to rumble on.

To check if you car is subject to the recall, you can take a look on VOSA’s vehicle recall list. Toyota also features a recall section on their website.

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