Heavier fines for drivers who use their mobiles

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Drivers who use their mobiles while behind the wheel could be looking at heavier fines, up to £150, as part of a new crackdown from the government.

MPs have launched a new road safety initiative, after a number of cyclists were killed by lorries, by drivers who ignore the law. Penalty points for those driving trucks who break the law will no count as double, in a bid to try and prevent these deaths.

As ever, the penalty for riding your bike like an idiot, is severe injury or death in the street.

There's more. People driving cars and vans who are caught using their mobiles will see penalty points increase from three points to four.

These new rules come after figures showed that, last year, 21 fatal car crashes and 84 'serious accidents' were blamed on a driver using a mobile phone while driving. Of course, these reckless drivers are also a menace to other people in cars, and pedestrians - but will people heed the warning? We'll have to wait and see.


  • Father J.
  • gas m.
    Just destroy the handset. Simple enough?
  • Ralf F.
    Heavier fines for drivers who use their mobiles on the way. On the way to where? I will avoid that route cos I don't want an overweight Ralf just for using my phone whilst driving.
  • Alexis
    Strange how something that causes death means upping the fine by a massive fifty quid.
  • Old M.
    Because enforcing the existing ban has been a massive success!
  • Father J.
    "Just destroy the handset. Simple enough?" Yep, crush their vehicle too. Even at its new level the fine is a joke.
  • Raggedy
    How about destroying the handset and crushing the vehicle with the offending driver inside it at the time? You'd only need to do two or three and the message might actually get across. Life is more important than your latest Facebook/Whats App message.

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