Hark at this fold-away car!

Researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) have developed a foldable, compact electric car, which could answer a lot of pollution and parking problems.

In-Soo Suh, Associate Professor of the Graduate School for Green Transportation at KAIST and his research team introduced a prototype micro electric car called 'Armadillo-T'.

The Armadillo-T, like its animal namesake, tucks itself away, shrinking its 2.8 metre size down to almost half, 1.65 meters. It's a four-wheel drive, all-electric and, when folded up, takes up only one-third of a 5-meter parking space.

It has a smartphone-interfaced remote control, which means the vehicle can turn 360 degrees, which will help when parking into tiny spots.

Professor In-Soo Suh said: "I expect that people living in cities will eventually shift their preferences from bulky, petro-engine cars to smaller and lighter electric cars. Armadillo-T can be one of the alternatives city drivers can opt for. Particularly, this car is ideal for urban travels, including car-sharing and transit transfer, to offer major transportation links in a city. In addition to the urban application, local near-distance travels such as tourist zones or large buildings can be another example of application."


  • Cheesey
    Free with every Kinder Egg.
  • Nikko
    All good news until you realize you left the kids and the shopping on the back seat.
  • jt
    It doesn't actually save any parking space since you still need the space behind it to unfold the car to drive it away
  • gordon
  • Doc
    You know 'hark' means 'to listen', right? Also, that looks shit.

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