Halfords offer free brakes for life

Free brakes for life

Halfords Autocentres have hit on an idea - they want to give their motorists (the ones who drive cars) free brakes for life.

This applies even when you buy a new car too, which is pretty great. Basically, you get free replacement brake pads or shoes, for as long as you're behind the wheel.

This is all thanks to the Brakes4Life lifetime guarantee, which you can see here.

According to Halfords' data, one in every eight cars that come in for repair needs new brakes, so this looks like a great way of saving a lot of money. Driving is expensive enough, so hats off to Halfords for this scheme.

Martin Barber, Halfords Autocentres brakes expert says: "Poor brakes can leave motorists facing additional unexpected costs when they take their car in for a service or MOT."

"However, Brakes4Life removes that risk and we find that when we explain that it really does cover them and their current as well as future car they own it results in some surprised and very satisfied customers."

Now, this isn't entirely free - Halfords are a business after all.

Basically, the Brakes4Life scheme asks for a one-off payment, and the cost of changing your brake pads/discs is going to vary, depending on what car you own.

However, once you've had them fitted, the lifetime guarantee comes into immediately effect. If you buy your brake pads from Halfords Autocentres, you automatically qualify for the guarantee.

Halfords Autocentres will also be offering free brake checks at 300+ Autocentres across the UK. If you want to find out where you can get a free brake check, then click here.


  • TeeJay

    This has been going on for ages. They inflate the price of the labour to recoup the price of the pads/ shoes. No cheaper than anywere else!

  • TMinfidel

    Sounds great, until you realise that while checking your pads they'll say something like "your discs aren't a hundred percent mate", which implies they need replacing too at extortionate cost, when in actual fact they're fine. Most people who don't have a clue will be taken in and will end up replacing their discs way more often than they'd otherwise need to. Halfords are a business after all.

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