Government change parking fines because of you

10 January 2014

parking space Everyone has long complained about appalling prices and rules around parking your car. It seems that politicians have actually heard you complaints and are looking at changing the way things are done.

For example, fines could be lowered and there may be an introduction of grace periods because the government are now sick of hearing about local councils and parking enforcement agencies being little more than cash cows. Last year, councils made a £411m surplus from parking according to official figures, while the RAC Foundation said the figure was closer to £565m.

The Department for Transport may well get rid of the minimum rates for parking penalty charges, which will allow councils to reduce fines for minor parking violations. Of course, local authorities may not listen, but they'll now have to publish their parking accounts in a bid to become more transparent concerning parking fines. In short, if particular councils start taking the piss, we'll be able to get the figures and hammer them for it.

This has all come about after the DfT had to formally responded to a select committee report that said there's a "a deep-rooted perception that local authorities view parking enforcement as a cash cow" and that it was "hard to justify parking fines that are substantially more than the fines for more serious offences like speeding".

Louise Ellman, the chairwoman of the transport select committee, said: "There is a feeling that people aren't being treated very fairly, and that's what the report was about. Councils do have a lot of discretion and that's right as it is a local service. But it is about being reasonable. Councils must be much clearer about what they are doing with their money and what money they are making."

It seems that, all the complaining everyone has been doing, as forced a rethink. So well done you.


  • Don D.
    Grammar: " have actually heard you complaints" But don't worry, it didn't undermine my enjoyment of the article.
  • col
    Government change parking fines because of you so what have they actually changed?
  • Alexis
    Meanwhile private companies can continue to scam the public with their fake parking tickets...
  • HowDareYouBlockMyComments
    @Alexis ... which they don't have to pay. It's an invoice, not a legal fine.

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