GoPro goes cheap - capture your own Ronnie Pickering

9Dh5svCn_400x400 By now, you must have seen Ronnie Pickering. Ronnie Pickering is an angry, angry man who fancies himself as a bare-knuckle fighter, ready to smack motorcyclists in the chops, for reasons unclear.

Do you fancy capturing your own Ronnie Pickering on camera? Well, GoPro, who make the mini-cameras you can mount on just about anything, have released a budget version, with WiFi streaming and the like. Still, budget doesn't mean you'll be able to buy it with your pocket money.

The Hero+ will cost you £169.99. While there are cheaper cameras, this one has a similar spec to the pricier Hero+ LCD, which sets you back £249.99. You can shoot at 1080p, at 60-frames-per-second (FPS) and 720p, 60 FPS video recording and 8MP single photos. There's Bluetooth and WiFi streaming too.

However, a landmark case in Australia might mean GoPro cameras (and similar) could become illegal. A motorcyclist called Max Lichtenbaum was fined and was hit with a three point penalty for failing to wear an 'approved' helmet after being stopped by police.

Lichtenbaum spent 18 months fighting charges that his helmet cams breached compliance standards. He said: "I've been stopped at least a dozen times before and none of the police ever said anything about the cameras," and added that he felt much safer riding with the cameras on for "evidence if anything happens".

If this case is used in Britain, we could see cyclists and people on motorbikes not able to wear the cameras. While that can be debated, one thing is for sure - we won't be able to have the pleasure of more pink-faced middle aged blokes offering people out, all over the internet.

And that'd be a shame. Now, let us sit back and watch Ronnie Pickering starring in loads of Hollywood films and TV shows. It really is what the internet was made for.



  • Scott W.
    There's no requirement to wear a helmet in the UK when cycling, (it is in Australia though), so I doubt this case could be used; at least for cyclists.
  • Dick
    They are easy to attach to handlebars too.
  • Pie M.
    Yet another non story - you just attach the thing to the headstock or handlebars instead. hardly rocket science FFS

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