Google Street View - clamping down on underage drivers

Now that Google’s Street View has started to roll out across the UK, the inevitable deluge of weird and wonderful pics that were snapped by Google’s roaming cameras has begun.

These ones were sent to us courtesy of ‘Ronaldo’ (we’re not sure if he’s the Man Utd or ex-AC Milan version or just some bloke called Ron who’s dressing it all up a bit too much)

The pics are from Govanhill in Glasgow and everything appears normal at first. A quiet, leafy street, nothing much to see apart from one car parked at a jaunty angle.

He's heading towards some bollards, so a 180 degree turn is going to be required in a minute...

Okay, this isn't getting any better - you're on the pavement now? What the hell is going on?

Ah, you've got your kid sitting on your knee and you're letting him drive! That explains it then.


  • Amanda H.
  • veedubjai
    Send registration plate details to the local constabulary for a good ticking off in front of the wife. :P
  • Jeezey
    Its Govanhill for god's sake. The kid is probably driving 'cos he knows the quickest route to the drug dealer.
  • j
    nice ironic road name there "Coplaw Street"
  • kel
    lol thats funny

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