Fuel prices lower, but drivers aren't buying it

fuel gauge There was small good news for everyone when the UK saw a small dip in petrol prices. However, drivers weren't interested as sales continued to fall as drivers stayed away from the pumps. So with that, petrol stations are going to put the prices back up.

Diesel and unleaded prices actually went up and the AA said drivers in small market and coastal towns were those suffering the most from high prices. The dearest petrol in the country is found in Wales and East Anglia.

The cheapest petrol can be found in Yorkshire and Humberside, where you get an average of 130.7p a litre. In London, you'll find the cheapest diesel with an average of 138.4p a litre.

Prices rises come on the back of an AA report that showed that prices had actually fallen to a three year low, yet at the same time, government stats show that retail sales and fuel consumption are down. In previous years, drivers have responded to price drops, but UK petrol sales in October fell by 26 million litres on the month before.

Asda and Tesco are trying to woo drivers with petrol price cuts, announced earlier in the week, but it seems no-one is taking the bait.

Edmund King, AA president, said: "High pump prices have taught the UK motorist how to save on fuel and the fear is that, although petrol prices are down more than 10p a litre compared to the record of 142.48p, drivers are now applying those savings to shoring up other parts of the family budget, such as rising gas and electricity bills."

"It doesn't help when hundreds of thousands of drivers in small rural and coastal towns with uncompetitive supermarkets are being charged 4p or 5p a litre more for the cheapest petrol than in neighbouring towns. In late November, supermarket petrol in Market Drayton in Shropshire was 6p a litre more expensive than down the road in Stoke-on-Trent."


  • Cheaper t.
    127.9 a litre at Sainsburys in the midlands, that 130.7 seems positively expensive in comparison
  • Kevin
    Nothing to do with the fact that people won't be going out driving in bad weather compared to the summer.

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