Firey fuel furore fans flames as petrol prices increase

Ah, the 1st of September - the end of Summer, the stirrings of Autumn and the third increase in tax on petrol in nine months. Delightful. Overnight, the Government spanked petrol prices by over 2 pence, raising the average price of a unleaded litre to around £1.05, a rise of some 20 pence up since January. That means you're paying around 65 pence of tax per litre. Carumba.

What can you do about it, aside from selling the car and buying a bicycle? For starters, get thee to Morrisons; they're grabbing the headlines with some PR-friendly excitement, by soaking up the price of the tax increase on behalf of their customers until Sunday, meaning you can still fill up at the pre-tax prices until then. That said, the AA recently claimed the cheapest petrol could be found at Asda, although don't expect any price freezes there: "We don't do stunts," a spokesperson said, "our prices reflect our costs". Hmmph.

Meanwhile, a useful website we've mentioned before is, which follows 10,000 petrol stations and updates the available prices across most of them daily. You can search for the cheapest forecourt closest to you by postcode, and subscribe for updates.


  • -Mike H.
    Errr, Morrisons sell their petrol cheap because they buy the shittest fuel they can find, they then piss into the tanks to top it up* I only pump my baby with 99/97 Octane, I don't give a shit if it costs more (In fact, It doesn't, it's false ecconomy due to increased servicing costs) and I couldn't give a shit about saving the planet, whic is bullshit as the only thing that comes out of a well serviced car is CO2 which isn't a pollutant, in fact, the air coming out, is cleaner than the air going in, diesels are the true polluter! *FACT
  • Lumoruk
    lol @ mike hock
  • Hicks
    Are you taking the piss or being serious? The catalyst cant make the product 100% clean, it will still give out small amounts of sulphur which is harmful to humans, causes acid rain etc. You maybe right about morrisons cheapy fuel but then if you have a car thats worthless then you should just spend less right? My citroen xantia is worth about £300 now so i just dont treat it with much respect anymore :P so cheapest possible does it for me!. How are diesels worse than others?. Diesel is made from longer chain hydrocarbens which have more energy when compared to shorter chains (petrol etc), this is generally why diesel was more expensive than petrol but now that production for diesel has increase alot it has meant that the costs are about the same. The diesel engine is alot more effcient and has less waste products so its better than petrol engines.
  • -Mike H.
    More localised pollution, particulate matter. CO2 isn't a pollutant. At least most of mine is made up rather than scraped from Wikipedia.
  • Mewling P.
    @Mike Hock. It's a balance thing, you mugging idiot. The balance between carbon-dioxide and oxygen is the most important factor when it comes to atmospheric problems. You should learn to read before you write *FACT
  • sb
    @Mike Hock. Okay we'll put you in a room pumped full of this magical clean air from your 99/97 Octane "baby" and after a few hours see who wins the arguement ... the eco-green freaks or you. best of luck.
  • Craig
    I really love some of the arguments that go on here!
  • Mike H.
    Hi I'm Mike Hocks Long lost Cousin! I'm married to Hugh Jardon whos step father was Hugh Jass.........Gees I could ramble on pish all day, much like my cousin Mike who is a bit of a tosser and obviously has the mental age of a 6 year old. Mike everyone should care about the planet when its gone its gone and you don't care - which makes you one selfish little B'stard! Grow some balls and think less about being a boy racer and more for everyone/thing else around you one day YOU might have kids...although thats a thought I'm uncomfortable with........ and they will need the extra air.
  • -Mike H.
    Mewl - Atmospheric problems?! tit-end sb - Think about it rather than giving me shit to get on the side of everyone else, the air drawn in is filtered, what comes out of a well maintained car is CO2 and water vapour, CO2 is used by plants & trees etc and in turn, they produce Oxygen. Sticking me in a room filled with CO2 will cause asphyxia which has got 'FUCK ALL' to do with pollution. Unfortunately sb, you breath that means you produce CO2, apart from the crap that seems to spew from your mouth, does that mean you pollute?
  • dududu
    hi Hicks Diesel cost a LOT Cheaper to produce. Get your damn fact straight, please. They used to cost only 1/2 of regular petrol - then the gove slap a lot more tax. voila - they are more expensive now/
  • Mike H.
    dududu could you actually be that prick Mike Hock in disguise?
  • Iggy P.
    I have the perfect solution to BOTH mankinds problems, broke down in 5 simple stages: 1) Channel four should buy all the petrol/diesel/coal in the world. 2) Put everybody who has ever appeared on big brother back into the house for the last week of the last ever series. 3) Fill the house with all the worlds petrol/diesel/coal. 4) Set it alight. 5) If anybody escapes then they are the winner! Once this is over we can all go spend our time complaining about something else. Just out of interest, if this did happen would anybody watch the whole of the last episode or just the last 15 minutes?
  • Wilko
    I blame those fucking meerkats for everything. Cheeky little twats.
  • Hicks
    @ Dududu, your very right and im sorry for my incorrect information!. However i was basing it just on the fact you can use longer chains and crack them down to smaller ones allowing for petrol etc which would make it cheaper to make petrol not diesel, however i forgot about refining costs etc!.
  • tits
    lets agree to disagree. Back on topic, 2p per litre will just hit us in the pokcet on running the car, buying anything transported by road etc. It will affect everyone!
  • Gooner H.
    Dear Mike Hock I don't understand then why all those people who hook up hosepipes to their exhausts and feed the other end in through their car windows die???
  • Craig
    Dear Mike Hock I don’t understand then why all those people who hook up hosepipes to their exhausts and feed the other end in through their car windows die??? Because they don't use 97/99 RON in their baby's. This is just another rip off from our 100% rip off government, only problem is, whoever takes over will fuck us over just as bad. If they reduce tax on one thing, they'll make it up elsewhere. Maybe they should start by reducing their own pay packets the greedy shits.
  • Wilko
    OR .......... Here's a radical idea......... Lets stop paying benefits to the lazy scrounging twats who don't work because they don't want to. Lets give them an incentive to work - if they don't work, they don't eat. And then, take the savings made on all the benefits from the scrounging fuckwits and reduce fuel tax by 50p per litre, giving the working man something back.
  • Zeddy
    @Wilko: I like your manifesto. Also, on Friday and saturday nights, lets CHARGE the drunken bastards who turn up at casualty for treatment and put that into the NHS coffers so the government of the day can stop robbing the poor motorist blind to pay for all those drunken twat's medical treatment.
  • -Mike H.
    Hi Guys, sorry I didn't reply to your comments. I was out thrashing the tits off my motorbike that does 10 miles to the gallon, and tyres that do 2000 miles before they're completely raped. Before I went out, I put all the lights on in my house and I also put the heating on full with all the windows open. These fucking BMW/Audi diesel cars are such a pain in the arse to get past, so much smog, I can't fucking see! FUCKING CUNT*S Gooner hater - They die from asphyxiation, lack of oxygen, as there is only CO2 present. You fucking slaves to the government!

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