F1 bloke presumably knows what he's doing by designing very tiny motor car

man_on_toycarCongestion is something that bothers drivers. People stare at other people presuming that their journey isn't nearly as important as their own, leaving everyone sat swearing under their breath while some shock-jock repeatedly shouts the word 'gay' over pop-records.

Well, imagine a world where the cars you drive are so very small that you can drive two of them side-by-side in the same lane, allowing you to get cramp while you hate everyone else.

Not only that, but the car you drive will be made of glass fibre, recycled plastic bottles and hollow steel tubes which means that, should you crash your tiny vehicle, you can fully expect your legs to join your innards in some horrible engine and bone based pâté.

This car seats three, weighs just 575kg, has a top speed of almost 100mph and is expected to cost about £6,000 ($9,000).

The crackpot behind this is Professor Gordon Murray, who during the '70s and '80s designed Formula 1 racing cars. He designed the car that saw Ayrton Senna winning his first championship. Ayrton Senna is dead by the way.

Anyway, Prof Murray has designed a tiny death-trap called the T.25. Not only is it likely to blow away in the wind, but it doesn't have any doors. The whole cabin tilts forward like those daft old bubble cars. He's not stopping at this little three seater either.

"A five-seater, an eight-seater, a bus, or a two-seater," Prof Murray says, insisting anything is possible. "We are very flexible."

Sadly, the bones in your body are not. If you want to see images of the car and reporting on it that isn't glib and dismissive like this, then visit the BBC. We'll still be sneering when you get back.


  • M4RKM
    Congestion solved, however, comfort, and also CO2 emissions are something that have been missed on this motor. For such a small thing, kicking out over 80kg of co2 per 100km is just a bit mental. You can get more of these on the road, but 2 of them produce more co2 than 1 BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics, which can comfortably carry 5 adults, and it has doors.
  • ButterMan
    Please delete this and then come back when you understand the first thing about Gordon Murray (I'll give you a clue - McLaren F1, widely recognised as the best car ever) or automotive design.
  • ButterMan
    And anyone who thinks 5 adults fit "comfortably" in a BMW 3 series obviously has a midget problem.
  • PokeHerPete
    Everyone who has a Smart car, especially those ones that try to look like a sports car are twats. Surely noone wants to looks like a even bigger twat than them? Also this sounds like the evil empire which will found the start up of Skynet. T-25 is only 32 steps away from T-800. Im just saying...
  • M4RKM
    Butterman - but seating 3 in that monstrosity probably has an even bigger midget problem.
  • Laurz
    Imagine that thing in a head on crash, your legs would end up behind you. How do you go about getting in or out of the car in heavy rain without turning it into a paddling pool?
  • riz d.
    'Ayrton Senna is dead by the way' - unbelievably crass and unnecessary even by your own low standards.
  • CompactDistance
    6 grand's too much for these.
  • wombat
    @M4RKM - 8oKg of CO2 per 100km? - I read it as 86g / km or 8.6kg/100km. Your point is quite valid; although the article does talk about other engine options being possible; so possibly more effecient engines may be fitted in future. As this car is obviously aimed at city driving the real interest would be it's emmissions in urban driving only and not a combined cycle.
  • Alexis
    Can Gordon Murray invent some humour implants for the numpties above?
  • ButterMan
    Alexis, your rotten minge is funny, the above is not. It's fairly simple.
  • klingelton
    I have to admit, i winced at the Ayton "Joke." uncalled for and unnecessary
  • Alexis
    It would be funny if I had XX chromosomes. Look it up...
  • Phil
    £6000 - What is he smoking! £5000 gets you a Fiat Panda* - so why would I pay an extra £1000 to give up doors and a boot. *Not that I'd like either but the point still stands - needs to be £2500-3000 max.

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