EU to probe Volkswagen

18 December 2015

Volkswagen-Logo As predicted, the EU are going to have an inquiry into Volkswagen's emissions rigging scandal. It could last up to a year, and they're going to look at whether everyone needs to start regulating and monitoring the car industry more thoroughly, as it does seem that things were a bit lax in the past.

They're also going to look at alleged contraventions of European Union law and alleged "maladministration" in the application of the law, with 45 MEPs sitting on the committee. All sounds rather expensive, doesn't it?

Of course, Volkswagen have already confessed to wrongdoings, admitting in September that they'd fixed US pollution tests that were checking for nitrogen oxide from diesel cars. Around 11 million vehicles could have been rigged up with 'cheat devices'.

Seeing as this could have affected the health of huge numbers of people, the MEPs will be taking this very seriously.

The whole debacle showed that there's glaring weaknesses in regulations, which have allowed car manufacturers to fudge figures and sidestep official emissions limits.

There's going to be some very large fines being served to VW, that's for certain.

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