EU to bring new rules for emission testing

car pollution The European Union is proposing new rules when it comes to testing the emissions from cars, which is obviously something they've started thinking about after the Volkswagen scandal.

Now, the EU are looking at tests that will be carried out by independent assessors, and basically, are not in any way connected to vehicle manufacturers. Of course, anyone can be bribed, but that's not what the EU are hoping for.

The labs that do the tests are paid directly by the manufacturers, and this is looking like it will stop, in a bid to stop conflicts of interest.

They also want to be able to recall any cars across the whole of the EU, and be able to undertake spot checks to cars that are on the road.

As well as being bad for the environment, decimating the trust in various companies, this scandal highlighted just how weak the rules were in place, that were put in place regarding the testing and certifying of cars that were being sent out on the road. The commission wants to get more power, so they can be tougher with manufacturers.

Where things slip through testing, the idea of random spot checks on the road should, in the EU's view, ensure that anyone who cheated a test, would be caught.

Of course, these proposals could take years to go through, as everyone in the EU has to agree on the terms. Don't hold your breath, eh? Unless you're stood behind a VW car.

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