England's first motorway pub opens today

21 January 2014

beer Today, England's first motorway service station pub opens, which will inevitably cause a huge kerfuffle as people assume that drivers won't be able to resist the temptation of getting bladdered behind the wheel, despite the fact millions of drivers successfully scoot past pubs every day without ending up swilling pints in their cars.

The pub is called the Hope and Champion and is two storeys of boozy goodness. You can find it at the services on the M40, next to junction 2 near Beaconsfield which is in Buckinghamshire.

The pub opens at 4am and closes at 1am. They'll serve beer from 9am.

Wetherspoon's are planning more of these motorway boozers and point out that it isn't just a pub as they'll be selling a range of non-alcoholic drinks, tea and coffee (with free refills) on top of the usual local real ales, wine, spirits and beers. They're probably going to sell food too, so if you're in need of a fry-up while driving, they'll be on it, going toe-to-toe with the Little Chefs of the road.

A spokesman for Wetherspoon's said they think most of their profits will come from passengers buying a pint or people on coach trips, adding: "We are not naive. We know that giving drivers the chance to have a pint off the motorway is an unusual offer. But equally we do not live in a nanny state. We expect drivers to act responsibly."

The motorway pubs will have the national Drink Drive Awareness logos on... well, everything. As well as that, soft drinks will be much cheaper than they usually are in pubs and elsewhere in the service station.

Various charities and pressure groups are not happy, picturing our motorways ablaze with car-wrecks thanks to drink driving. However, service stations aren't exactly paragons of virtue as it is. Their original purpose was to provide rest spots and toilets for people on long journeys, but rather than a bit of piece of quiet, service stations are more like a mini Vegas, filled with gamblers and video games.

If Wetherspoon's undercut the ridiculously high prices we find in service stations already, we're all onto a winner until some berk spoils it for everyone by getting battered on cheap ale and driving into traffic. Play nice. Don't spoil it for everyone.

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  • klingelton
    I'm sure they've thought about this. A good deal of Wetherspoon profit comes from food sales. They have a passable food offering. If they charge similar prices to their high street boozers, it could break the strangle hold of high price shit food we have. On top of that, most people could happily have a pint and still be perfectly able to drive. We don't live in a nanny state - let's not allow it to get like that.
  • Warwick H.
    Sounds great but I doubt it will ever happen, no doubt the nanny profits of doom do gooders will be up in arms at the thought but the way things are going we will all be drinking in them as there will be no urban or rural pubs left. The Chairman of our club has warned at the week end to expect a 24p across the board rise in alcohol from the brewers and Govt in the very near future.It seems both have a deathwish on our much loved pubs and clubs.
  • Joulupukki
    An excellent business opportunity for those nice people selling ciggies out the the back of vans to also start selling cheaper - and often better quality - East European beer.
  • Mr P.
    @Warwick: "Profits of doom" eh? I guess you mean Prophets you numpty.

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