EDF: The worst energy company in Britain

2 September 2011

EDF_280_549370aA big congratulations to EDF Energy who have swiped nPower’s title as Britain’s most useless energy supplier!

EDF came bottom in a Consumer Focus poll, after seeing complaints rising by 19% between April and June.

EDF managed 126.4 complaints per 100,000 customers in three months, with a splendid one (our of five) star rating from Consumer Focus.

The Lambrini will be cracked open at nPower HQ as they saw their own number of complaints drop to 82.4 per 100,000 customers. They've gone from having a one star rating in December to having three.

The best supplier is still Scottish and Southern Energy, followed by British Gas and E.ON in second and third place respectively.

There's been a general drop in complaints to Consumer Focus all round, which sounds promising enough. However, there is a catch thanks to them not manning their phones as frequently as they once did.

It admitted: "From 1 April Consumer Direct also reduced its opening hours by 29%, this is likely to be a factor in the 25% fall in complaints to Consumer Direct from the previous quarter and the resulting changes to the league table."

It appears that the energy companies aren't getting themselves ship-shape, but rather, it's becoming more difficult to complain about them.



  • dank
    I've no doubt that EDF will be topping that poll again next year. They've attracted a shed load of new customers since the other 'big five' energy firms raised their prices, and as such, it is nigh on impossible to actually get through to them on the blower these days.
  • Charles D.
    Please don't call them EDF, call them Energie De Francais, the company that buy their UK gas from their French parent and then because they've shut down all their UK storage facilities pay the parent to store it for them, thus pushing the price up and making the French parent a huge profit whilst the UK makes less of profit so that it pays less tax.
  • Dick
    What do you expect from the French?
  • Paul
    Yes, I have to deal with EDF and confirm they're useless - took 6 months to send a bill after being asked a dozen times. 2 weeks to answer emails and dont reply to plan switches. I just hope they lose my payment, but prob the only thing they can do.
  • Mark H.
    Always been very helpful when I've called them. So EDF have 44 more complaints per 100,000 customers and that gives them 1 star rather than 3? Sounds a bit odd that.
  • Matt
    I can vouch for this! Been with them since Feb... Still not managed to setup my account correctly...

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