DVLA extend check code lifespan

old driver car Remember when the DVLA came up with a scheme, so you used a code so you could hire a car? This was particularly problematic if you were going on holiday and wanted to rent a car, because the code only lasted for 72 hours.

Well, the DVLA have changed all that, with the validity period of the check code which is generated for motorists, extended to 21 days.

"We're pleased that the DVLA has listened to industry feedback that the code lifespan was too short," said Gerry Keaney, Chief Executive of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association. "This common sense approach will reduce queues at rental desks and give millions of renters more time to plan and arrive prepared ahead of their journey."

This all came about after the DVLA got rid of the paper counterpart to the photocard driving licence. Drivers can view up-to-date driving licence info using the DVLA's View Driving Licence website, which happens to include the 'Share My Licence' service, where you get the code so you can hire cars and all that.

One thing that the DVLA could do with sorting out, is the opening hours of their call centre. While this is an improvement, they've got to remember that not everyone is a user of the internet. Alongside that, they should absolutely stop charging people for a premium line phone service too.

Then again, we shouldn't expect too much from the DVLA, because any improvement is welcomed, from a group of people that are, for the most part, thunderously hopeless.


  • Albi
    Am renting a van tomorrow. They just told me to bring my national insurance number. You need that and your driving licence number to login to your account yourself. The one-time code just replaces your NI number, and the code is the exact same length as your NI number! So it's a bloody pointless system.
  • Barry L.
    If you have a uk license and no ni number, hoe do you grt a code

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