DVLA ban all manner of smutty number plates

used car If you have ever dreamed about having a funny number plate for your car? Maybe something dirty, or something a bit risque? We all need an outlet for our creative and humorous urges, so why not have it sat in a traffic jam or parked outside the office while people spit at your windscreen?

You can't have anything you want though, no-siree-bob.

The DVLA have unleashed their newest list of censored car number plates, stating clearly the kinds of things they don't want to see tootling through the streets of Britain. They meet a couple of times a year to decide what to ban, and they've now censored VA61ANA, PI5 OFF, BL03 JOB, SH15 TTY, and the more religiously aligned JE55US, and AL14LAH.

You also can't have GU11 LTY or  AL60 POP, but you are allowed to have PEN 15 and ORG 45M. The DVLA, clearly, think a woman's undercarriage is to be censored, but a man's, not.

This is all a nice little earner for the DVLA, as last year, they raked-in over £105 million by selling personalised plates. They have said that they only ban certain plates if they are "likely to cause general offence or embarrassment" on the grounds of racial, political, or religious sensitivities or if the authority finds them in "poor taste."

Over the years, they've also banned BO11 OOX, P15 OFF, UP15 BUM, 15 LAM, and all combinations of anything including the word JEW. Check out the full list here.


  • Censorship a.
    Yet they still allowed someone to register D4RKY (Blacked out Wayne Rover Sport)
  • Mark W.
    I'd like to look at the minutes of the meeting where they agreed on all those banned combinations. I wonder if there was a prize for the DVLA employee who contributed most to the list. There is still scope to slip one under the radar, though. I'm sure they haven't pre-emptively thought of all of them. Although they seem to have had a good think about it!

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