Drunk man arrested for driving on runway

A typical drunk man, this morning

A British man has been arrested after driving his car around on an airport runway in Amsterdam, clearly having enjoyed Christmas way too much. The man reportedly stole a car at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport before taking the vehicle for a razz on the runway for "a few minutes", police said.

Police spokesman Dennis Muller told the AFP: "He drove around for a few minutes but at no point was there any danger to flight traffic."

Which is disappointing.

The man did all this on Christmas Day, which is a brilliant way to spend your festives.

"There aren't many flights on Christmas Eve and there were none at all at the time he took the car," said Muller, adding: "We're investigating exactly where he went in the car. We don't know why he took the car, these are things you do when you're drunk.

"We'll interview him about what he's done and then it's up to the prosecutor to decide what to do with him".


  • oliverreed
    and I'd still be going if the bastards hadn't stopped me, hic.
  • bil007
    The Dutch are a bunch of even more miserable cunts than the Scottish!
  • Steve
    Technically, when he was arrested he was Mullered.
  • captain c.
    The Dutch sense of humour is nearly as bad as the German, so they will probably charge him with "Attempting to be Funny", lock him up and throw away the key.
  • captain c.
    PS This really does show the power of alcohol to delude yourself - Ollie - YOU'VE BEEN DEAD FOR YEARS!! GIVE IT UP AND GET BACK IN THE COFFIN!!!!!!

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