Driving insurance premiums to fall thanks to online driving records

9 January 2014

old driver car Ministers are saying that all driving records are being moved online, which should mean that the cost of your car insurance should fall. The days of keeping the paper bit of your insurance with your licence is soon to be over (mid 2015, they predict).

Premiums should fall because insurers will now be able to check you for traffic offences, which means, if you've been a good driver, you'll get a cheaper deal as the insurance companies won't have to make guesses about the risk of motorists.

Now, all your speeding points and the like, will be available online. If you've been a lousy driver, this is not great news. This might not be great news for anyone if you consider the government's record of IT cock-ups.

The Association of British Insurers says there should be "significant cost savings" resulting from "reducing the need to obtain paper copies of licences from policyholders" and the DVLA will allow insurers to access information through the gov.uk website using an individual's licence number, national insurance number and postcode.

This comes after the news that paper tax discs will be scrapped and that the paper counterpart to the driving licence photo card is to be killed off too.

The DVLA said that "although some services cannot be delivered digitally, such as assessing a customer's fitness to drive, we can improve the processes supporting the delivery of these services through making greater use of digital tools".

Are you happy for all your details to be on a government website in exchange for cheaper insurance, or is this an accident waiting to happen?

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  • Meh
    And does anyone actually believe that premiums will fall? No. Because insurance companies are all bastards.
  • BillyBasstard
    Yep just like Continuous Insurance Enforcement supported of course by the insurance companies is supposed to reduce uninsured drivers yet the current TV advert from Admiral would suggest you are at a high risk from aforementioned twats. Wankers.
  • Darius
    Lower operating costs for insurance companies translate into higher "performance-related" bonuses for directors, even if they had nothing to do with the method by which those costs were reduced. That's how it works.
  • Profanity P.
    Darius, thank you for not using foul language, unlike the first 2 posters....potty mouths!!

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