Don't park in disabled parking bays - or else

26 June 2015

People who are able bodied shouldn't park in bays set aside for disabled people. You might think you should be able to, but you shouldn't. Why? You've had enough, you bloated swine.

In Brazil, someone found themselves on the end of a grand prank, after they'd parked in such a spot.

The person in question came back to his car to find it covered in stickers, to make the whole vehicle look like a blue disabilities logo. The front, top, sides and even wheels were covered.

As you can see from the video, not only did the driver suffer the defacement of his car, but also, a watching and sarcastically cheering crowd too. He sped off and everyone laughed at him.

Not only that, the driver in question got himself a ticket too.

Now, we hand you over to all those people who have missed the fun of a prank like this, for them to complain about vandalism and littering or something.


  • dvdgremlin
    now I think that is rather funny. now we just need to stop people with a 10 year old parking in driver and child in a pushchair bays. they are perfectly mobile and don't need to open doors wide to get 'little' jonny in a childseat so maybe they should be compelled to squeeze jonny into a pushchair.
  • veedubjai
    Fecking hilarious. Should also be fined for littering the streets & driving without due care with all those stickers still on obscuring the view.

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