Do you want to drive at 80mph on a motorway, legally?

speeding carThere are proposals to raise the motorway speed limit to 80mph. Most of you lot probably nudge 90mph when you're driving anyway. That's because you've got small penises.

Anyway, the Government are weighing up whether they should increase the limit from 70mph to 80mph on motorways, looking to make a decision by July. To further confuse things, they're considering adding stipulations like 'you're allowed to do 80 if the weather is nice' or 'drive at 80mph, but only at night'.

Of course, there's the whole 'putting people's lives in jeopardy' thing to contend with. Still, that 10mph extra could see people efficiently being killed, rather than living in a vegetative state and the government probably like that idea, what with them carving the NHS up to buggery.

A report from the RAC noted that 75 per cent of a people surveyed said that they'd rather like to see motorway speeds increased to above the 70mph limit.

RAC spokeswoman, Vicki Burn, does have concerns though. While doing wheelies in a Porsche, she said: "Raising speed limits when there is less traffic or in better weather conditions is one way of taking the proposals forward. But there are concerns that if speed limits were 80mph, motorists might think it safe to drive at 90mph. With fuel at record levels, people are actually cutting out a lot of journeys and are driving less quickly."

What do you lot think?



  • Angel D.
    I like speed
  • Ben
    Yes, a motorway accident is more likely to have fatalities, but the number of actual accidents is much, much lower than those on minor roads. We also have the highest motorway usage in Europe and the lowest number of deaths. You've gone a bit Daily Mail on us there, Mof.
  • Alan C.
    I think the speed would be better lowered than raised. I drive at 55mph, that's on the odd occasion I can reach those dizzying speeds in the mornings on the M8. I think what should really be tackled is other things, the small rules that a lot of drivers brakes that cause a lot of problems. For example, driving on a four lane motorway, left hand lane has close together white lines, basically you should already be in this lane if going in that direction. The reality is that drivers insist on driving as fast as they can in the other 3 lanes as far as possible before slamming on their brakes to cross the line they shouldn't cross, which also causes traffic in that lane to go very slowly so more people want to jump the queue.
  • Russ
    Should be 90MPH limit in my opinion
  • brian
    80mph. Bah keep it to 70. imagine how much money it would cost to implement such a worthless change.
  • Phil
    Who can afford to drive at 70Mph now? I get out and push my car to save money!
  • Richard
    It's such a pointless change to make explicitly. I agree that it'll probably make people drive at 90mph who currently do 80mph as well so why not just explicitly keep the limit at 70mph but not penalise people unless they go over 80mph. That way everyone wins.
  • Big A.
    90 MPH would be better. Also restricting HGV's to Lane 1 on Dual Carriageways and Motorways should be implemented. Inner city/town limits of 25MPH should be brought in, and smoking/eating/drinking/using phone etc should all be covered under the same laws. Other then all that......I'll still be twatting down the m'way at 120mph in the middle of the morning on the way to work ;-)
  • Ben C.
    Yet another 'we don't really know what we're doing' move by David Clegg / Nick Cameron. With fuel prices at a record high, why on earth would we want to give the green light to burn it at a much more significant rate? Stupid government. I agree with Alan also - bad habits on the motorway cause much more anguish than 10mph difference could alleviate. I.e., Get out the middle lane you muppets. Get off your phone. Leave me at least a 2 second gap when you cut infront of me. Get off my ass. Don't drive like a dick. Rant over.
  • Jamie F.
    I don't know why there is such debate. I would say that two thirds of drivers on motorways already routinely go at 80mph. I am a rarity in that I always stick to 70mph and I am always being overtaken by most drivers. I like the idea of an 80mph maximum, but with more variable speed limit enforcement to account for traffic flow and weather etc. The 70mph limit was set years ago when 70 was the max that cars could hope to maintain for long journeys. Cars have got more efficient and effective at speed now. I don't favour lowering the speed limit. It was lowered in America in response to a fuel crisis. That was the only the reason I believe.
  • Simon
    Actually, I think the MINIMUM speed limit should be raised. It's not necessarily the people doing 70+ that are the issue, it's the people who still think it's good to do 30-40mph on a motorway. Having a 30mph minimum speed limit is silly, that's a 40mph difference, and in an accident it's the equivalent of someone on a 40mph road driving into a parked car. Even a lorry sat on it's limiter will still be doing 26 mph more than that. Raise the minimum speed limit to 50, and if the driver doesn't feel happy to maintain 50 then they should use smaller roads.
  • Steve
    I agree with Big Ash. 80mph is a start but should be higher. Wasn't the 70 limit introduced as a temporary measure years ago when cars were made of wood etc? With how advanced they are now, 80 isn't a problem. The main risk I see day in day out is old people. We need much stricter rules with them because at the moment they can do what they want and get away with it. I've heard so many stories of them driving the wrong way up dual carriageways, driving with their doors open (!!!!), blindly switching lanes, heavily braking... the list goes on. A lot of these people didn't even take a driving test and their senses are now gradually giving way. Most would never pass a test now. I think they should introduce mandatory tests every couple of years from age 65 and then the roads would be a much safer place
  • Grammar N.
    "With fuel at record levels, people are actually cutting out a lot of journeys and are driving less quickly" Should that not be: "With fuel at record levels, people are actually cutting out a lot of journeys and are driving a lot less at a higher rate than expected" or "With fuel at record levels, people are actually cutting out a lot of journeys and are driving slower"
  • zeddy
    So how does this square with the Govt's mission to cut emissions (you know, that bullshit to justify fuel price increases) and help stop Global warming? Cars going faster pollute more. They really are a bunch of feckless twats. They couldn't find their own arse with a google map and their own hands.
  • Alexis
    Posted by brian | March 15th, 2011 at 3:49 pm 80mph. Bah keep it to 70. imagine how much money it would cost to implement such a worthless change. Eh? It would be free! There aren't even any national speed limit signs in motorways. The blue mway sign denotes mway regulations. The current speedlimit is unofficially 83mph anyway. The police won't bother you unless you go above that.
  • I 1.
    You cant raise the speed any more IMO without putting some much higher minimum speed limit on the lanes too 50mph and 60 for the overtaking lanes, perhaps limiting 60mph limited vehicles to the 1st lane
  • br04dyz
    You mean its not already 80?
  • HGV M.
    @ Big Ash "Also restricting HGV’s to Lane 1 on Dual Carriageways and Motorways should be implemented." GET REAL! FFS Think I going to sit behind another truck going 50mph (supermarket ones) on a motorway where the legal limit for us is 60mph (but euro regs we can only do 56mph) - in fact why don't you car drivers drive your little tin boxes the "correct way" and pull over after you've overtaken someone and not sit in Lane 2 and 3 for miles on end!
  • Zleet
    They should remove most speed cameras and replace them with clearer notifications of the speed limit. It's more dangerous for me to be constantly looking at my speed in areas with cameras when I should be looking at the road. Especially when you get numptys slamming on the brakes when they notice a camera and the person behind goes into them as they were looking at the dash speedometer.
  • zipz
    Educate people how to use a motorway before we even think about raising the speed limit!!
  • Mr B.
    @ HGV Mick– in fact why don’t you car drivers drive your little tin boxes the “correct way” and pull over after you’ve overtaken someone and not sit in Lane 2 and 3 for miles on end! How about you inconsiderate HGV drivers not try and overtake another truck going up hill??? or overtaking at 1mph faster than the other truck.....
  • Shooter M.
    Congestion can be slashed, and speed limits ramped up, if the government would take the eminently sensible step of banning anything with less than 2 litres from the motorway. Additional traffic can be removed by preventing anything but German cars between the hours of 8am and 6pm.
  • Will B.
    @Alan Clinch. You should be banned for motoway for the rest of your life, because of ppl like you, our motoway is soooooo slow.
  • Mario A.
    I agree with Will Burns. Alan Clinch sounds like the sort of window licking cunt that fucks up the road system. If you want to drive at 55, fuck off to America.
  • James W.
    It is a long since proven principle that the safest possible speed limit to post on main roads is the 85th percentile speed of free flowing traffic under good conditions. (The speed where 85% of the traffic is below or right at in good conditions.) This is the number on the signs that tends to yield the smoothest traffic flow, the fewest conflicts between vehicles, the best lane use, the best allocation of traffic onto the safest types of roads, AND the lowest accident rate. Per DfT statistics, the 85th percentile speed on motorways is 79 mph. This means the 70 limit is simply wrong and safety would improve by setting most rural motorway limits at 80. It would reflect reality and most engineers know that a super-majority of drivers (85%) are safe, sane, sober, competent drivers who will choose safe travel speeds more accurately than any arbitrary number painted on the signs. Regards, James C. Walker, Board Member - National Motorists Association Foundation (similar to the Association of British Drivers),, Ann Arbor, Michigan -- and a frequent visitor to Britain to see my wife's family in West Yorkshire
  • Matthew K.
    This whole proposal is completely bullsht. When can you travel in excess of 70mph during rush hour, the roads are very congested? It will increase CO2 emissions, the severity and frequency of accidents making the roads more dangerous. People with larger cars and/or more money will be tempted to bully slower motorists. The government needs to come up with more transparent ways of generating revenue.

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