Diesel drivers get worst fuel deal

fuel gauge According to new figures from the AA, the cost of filling up at the pumps has risen over the last month and, surprisingly, diesel drivers are getting a worse deal than those using petrol.

The average price of petrol in the UK has risen from 133.35p a litre to 134.61p, while diesel has gone up from 138.17p a litre to 139.16p. Over in Northern Ireland, petrol is the most expensive with London having the cheapest.

The same goes for diesel, with Northern Irish paying 139.8p a litre and London and the south west paying out 139.1p.

The AA warned that this year, retailers have on average been "creaming up to £1 a tank extra off diesel car drivers and up to £1.40 a tank extra off diesel van owners", adding; "at present, the 1p-a-litre premium that fuel stations are generally adding to the cost of diesel adds 5,500 miles to the break-even point for a new car buyer who chooses diesel instead of petrol."

"Diesel cars typically cost £1,500 more but the saving from better fuel efficiency should eventually recoup that."

AA president Edmund King said: "To be fair, there is often much greater variation in the price of diesel among retailers in a town than with petrol. However, on average, the profit margin on diesel is consistently at least a penny higher than with petrol."

"The clear message to diesel drivers is to take advantage of the greater range of prices locally. Some forecourts are more diesel-friendly than others."


  • Cheesey
    Pretty simplistic report by the AA in comparing the two fuels. Maybe if they used their analytical brain they would come up with a different answer. A barrel of oil can be refined into roughly 40% petrol and 20% diesel. Supply is restricted and demand is high. In the winter months demand is compounded by the requirement for heating oil. Look at how many refineries have been for sale in the UK over the last few years too and no-one wants to invest £500m for a hydrocracker to refine more diesel.
  • Owen
    LPG is 64.9p/litre that £800 conversion paid for its self in 6 months! My 1.6 Astra does a diesel equivalent of 75mpg and that's not driving carefully.
  • DragonChr1s
    Northern Ireland is being ripped off? Imagine that. Interesting to see London being the cheaper for fuel though, that is a surprise.
  • Chewbie
    Smoke da diesel weed Flexin
  • LancerVanve
    Um are you mocking me? I'll have you know I am a mason.

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