Diesel drivers are being demonised!

A diesel car, this morning

Diesel drivers are getting it in the neck and because of that, there's a campaign to combat what's being dubbed as the "demonisation" of diesel.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), along with the more recognisable names of BMW, Ford, and Jaguar Land Rover, reckon that fears over diesel are misplaced.

What are these fears? Well, there's been calls for a ban on diesel vehicles because they're 'harmful' and super pollutant. The campaign aims to show that this isn't on.

"Today's diesel engines are the cleanest ever, and the culmination of billions of pounds of investment by manufacturers to improve air quality," said Mike Hawes, the chief executive of SMMT, in a statement. "Bans and parking taxes on diesel vehicles therefore make no sense from an environmental point of view."

However, not everyone agrees.

Gavin Thomson from the Healthy Air Campaign said: "We need action from all levels of government to protect our health and substantially reduce the diesel in our towns and cities. This should include government supported retrofit schemes, a national network of low emission zones and support for other modes of travel."

What do you think?

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