<span style="text-decoration: line-through;">Deathwatch</span> Jobwatch - Honda halts UK production

Yes, yes, some bozo pilot lost a fight with a goose and thought a river was a runway. What else is going on in the world? No DSGI revelations today, alas, but more worrying signs that the car industry is struggling and more British jobs could be in danger.

Honda are watching their impossible dream mutate into one of those hideous nightmares where you imagine you've fallen off a cliff, wake up and realise it wasn't real, then fall back asleep to enter the nightmare at the exact point you left it. It's a little like that, anyway.

Honda's plant in Swindon is shutting down for two full months because of a lack of demand in the global market. While there's no talk of UK job cuts yet, over 3,000 workers are being made redundant in Japan. Production is now down by ten per cent on the previous year.

Subaru, Toyota and motorcycle manufacturer Yahama are also reducing production in the coming months, with Toyota expected to cut the number of cars produced in the US by half.


  • andy y.
    What happened/happens to Woolies/Dixons is of interest but in the long run unimportant.When the motor industry goes into cardiac arrest that's really alarming. It has to be in the long run that demand for new cars will stabilise.What's needed is dramatic price cuts to get cars out of docks onto driveways. There is money out there,customers just need the incentive to buy.
  • barry
    Try getting a discount out of Honda- went to buy a new car - sales rep just sneered and said 'we can sell these cars 10 times over..we're doing well as a company.. blah blah blah'. No discount no sale. Fail Away I say.
  • Pele
    Agree with Andy, the the big car manufacturers cut prices I am sure cars would sell. Indeed I am looking for a new car but cannot get a deal either in terms of discount or loan deals (WTF I think). Lets say Ford dropped prices by 25%, atleast they would generate some cashflow/business and keep things ticking over. In the last recession I worked for John Laings and to keep the company going they bought work i.e. underpriced to keep staff and hope through extras/claims they could make break even/make a small profit. Sometimes I wonder if business's think like that anymore?!
  • Joff
    I've just posted this in the other post on car dealer's, but here it is again in case anyone missed it. http://www.carmagazine.co.uk/News/Search-Results/Industry-News/UK-2008-car-sales-analysis-winners-and-losers/ From that article, Honda's sales in 2008 were 83,805 which is 21% less than last year. Renault are even worse, but then that's probably because no-one wants to buy French cars.

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