Deathwatch: Hidden speed cameras

Speed camera Hidden cameras - the blight of drivers everywhere and the reason that there's been a 25% increase in speeding fines - are looking like they could soon be a thing of the past.

After the General Election, Labour have vowed to paint these things bright yellow so drivers can spot them more easily. The Tories meanwhile, are looking at scrapping them if their current review decides they're a bad thing.

Roads minister John Hayes, who commissioned the Highways England review, will get the report back in the summer. He's shown concern about 'stealth cameras' and said that it is important that drivers know about the whereabouts of these grey menaces.

With almost 113,000 drivers getting speeding fines last year, the figure has shot up from 89,000 in 2013 and around 55,000 in 2010. These hidden cameras have been one of the reasons that there's been a spike. And we all know that someone is making a pretty penny out of the whole thing.

So, if one of the big two parties wins the General Election, it is looking like the days of the hidden speed camera could be numbered. With £100 fines and points on licences being added for each offence, this is good news for motorists indeed.

That is, of course, if politicians manage to keep their promises.


  • Luke
    Alternatively, drive the speed limit and you won't have anything to worry about.
  • anti-nonsense
    NOBODY is making a profit from speed cameras!! All money taking as a result of them has to be put back into road safety measures. Stop spreading stupid rubbish. (Also if you are speeding you are breaking the law so you get what you deserve)
  • Chris
    If people start driving safely only once they spot the coloured boxes, then we should get Blue Peter to show us how to make a brightly-coloured box to mount by the roadside, in their millions. #safety
  • Jim
    "Hidden cameras – the blight of drivers everywhere..." Huh? They get as much attention from me as non-hidden ones - precisely zero. If someone wants to take a picture of my driving, that's fine by me. I am a competent, qualified driver. If I was a bad driver, or a drunk driver, then I imagine I would not like speed cameras. But I trained and qualified for my license, and agreed to abide by the rules while driving around the UK. I am always surprised to see people think that the law does not apply to them. If you do not agree with the rules of the road while driving, please feel free to make use of the buses, trains and taxis.
  • Mad B.
    "That is, of course, if politicians manage to keep their promises." Yeah, right. It is not as if a Whitehall weasel has ever lied - just to get our vote.

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