Bitterwallet's How To... deal with private parking fines (part 1)

If you receive a parking ticket, whether from the police, council, or a private parking company, is there anything you can do?

Hopefully this article will inform you of rights that you never knew you had. Part 1 of the guide assumes that your car has not been clamped or towed. We will discuss cars that have been clamped or towed in part 2, along with any other tips/suggestions you can share with us below.

Here are a few pointers that will hopefully help you consider and evaluate your options when faced with a parking fine/ticket:

1. Know your rights. If you simply have a paper ticket and you're sure it isn't from the police or council but from a private company, you should know that private tickets do not come under criminal law but under contract law with the private landowner and the driver of the vehicle. Any info you give to them to confirm that you're the driver can be used against you in court, but unless your car was clamped or towed, it is unlikely that they will go to the trouble and expense of going to court.

2. Don't pay. Paying up is pretty much the same as admitting guilt, and your chances of getting the money back become very slight. Most private parking firms make their money from the people who pay up because they think it is a real parking ticket, or those they harass or scare into paying it. If you ignore them, you may get a couple of template follow up letters threatening legal action. Worst case scenario you'll get a couple of heavies sent your way (pretending to be baliffs when they are not), but you are under no legal obligation to follow up nor respond to these dirty scare tactics.

3. Forget appeals. According to Which?, the general consensus among legal experts and people is that you should not engage the private company at any time. The grounds for appeals, as summarized here on This Is Money, are often vague and non-applicable for many individuals. How likely is it that your car was stolen, or the Traffic Regulation Order was invalid? Of course, appealing is often one of the only routes if you had already paid, whether if your car was clamped or not. But the key is to avoid all that in the first place but not handing your wallet over.

4. Be willing to call their bluff. There are very few, if any cases of the companies taking court action when there has been no contact made with the private parking company. If you don't engage them at all, they are faced with the added task of hunting you down so they can pursue the matter. Once they've got you on the hook, they'll ratchet up the pressure to settle. If they threaten to take you to court, know that they are usually not successful, so calling their bluff (or just ignoring them) may be a worthwhile option.

5. Don't get scared. If you don't know whether a ticket you got is from the police or council or from a private parking company, know that police or council tickets will say so. Some sneaky private companies will design the sign to appear in the likeness of authority, but it doesn't matter how many police shields the parking company prints on the ticket, it's still not a police ticket unless it says so.

6. Driver vs owner. Know that if you receive a parking ticket on private land, the driver, not the owner, is liable. If you are the owner of a car in which someone else has received a private parking ticket, you are not liable, and you have absolutely zero obligation to tell the parking company who was driving.

7. ALWAYS read your ticket. That means both front and back, whether you plan to protest it or not and make note of any mistakes, such as make or colour of your car, and what the exact infraction is that you are accused of. If you don't check, your dodgy parking neighbour might have even decided to ditch their ticket on your windscreen, with high hopes that you would pay for them instead! So always check your ticket.

8. Gather more facts and info If you receive a parking ticket from the police or the council, check out the websites here and here. This tells you which signs should have been removed and no longer have authority. It's worth a look, just in case. Also, note that in Scotland, all clamping on private land is illegal.

In summary, if you've been the recipient of a private parking ticket:

-Do not pay them
-Do not contact them in any way
-Ignore letters from the parking company and debt collectors, even if they are threatening
-After sending four or five unanswered letters, the vast majority will give up.

In part 2, we will discuss how to fight private parking tickets if you feel you have been unfairly ticketed or are being asked to pay an unreasonable fine, or have been unjustly towed. If you received parking fines, and have a story/experience to share or lessons learned, please share them with us!


  • Geoff J.
    Good work Vince!
  • Jack
    Good post, that sign is pretty scary!
  • John
    Despite all the links to CAG I'd recommend for advice on parking or any motoring offences as there's a lot of expert help there.
  • Inactive
    Of course you could just choose to park legally and/or not on someone else's private land. I wouldn't be too happy if some halfwit chose to park on my drive.
  • Diane S.
    Very interesting read.I work for a NHS trust and pay to park at work. I actually had to park on yellow lines the other week because I couldn't find anywhere else to park and I ended up with a ticket and a fine of £5.00 which I paid.If I receive a second ticket the next fine will be £10 and if I receive a third ticket it goes up to £65!!
  • ssme
    john's link is the best to go too for really helpful people. one piece of advice i would offer anyone who gets a dubious ticket froma policeman or PCSO, is to ring the local police station and try to speak to him/her (their name/number/scrawl has to be on the ticket). this is what i did. the PCSO offered to meet me, we discussed the situation over a cup of tea, he said he'd have probably done the same, and then he tore up the ticket. success!
  • AdamK
    All seems reasonable stuff - although since articles like this might lead to an increase in people chancing their arm and parking anywhere they like, I would like to suggest a counterpoint article on what reasonable steps you can take if people are regularly parking on your private land without permission?
  • Vince W.
    Hey Adam - yes that's an interesting angle. We'll def look at it. This article is not intended to increase offenders but to point out that there are cases where people are getting tickets from private companies unfairly, where signs are not clear, cars get clamped and forced to pay a hefty fine, often over £100. I also agree re: John's link to pepipoo - thanks John - I've heard people there really are nice and take time out to help you if needed, so good mention. Also these private lands are often owned by large private property conglomerates not even in the area you are parking. People are getting misled because often the property company rent out a shop on site, so people think the parking is part of shopping. It really is a scam (to me anyway). They also often hire private security firms with vans hidden around the corners preying on poor people all day, which is just sad. As a side note, did anyone read the recent news story about the 72 old lady pensioner who went to her GP's surgery for pain pills for her knee or something? Car clamped, and despite a bad knee was made to go get cash from the cash machine in agony all the way.
  • Lumoruk
    that sign doesn't even make sense? even if you pay to park you're breaking the top third of the sign
  • tengumask
    I got a parking ticket from "Vehicle control services", AKA Excel parking AKA the sheffield based company seen many times on watchdog. This was recently, and im now on my 3rd letter from them, of course unanswered. I followed the advice on CAG, its an absolutley great site that members give sound advice on. Its important to realise, that tickets from private companies are NOT PCN. By them putting the ticket on your window, it is simply an offer to treat. like it says in the article, people that pay these are in effect admitting fault and they make their money by playing on these type of people. Their letters make great reading material for my fridge, and i cant wait for the heavies to come round to my house, ive got a clamp ready for them.
  • Vince W.
    lumoruk - exactly! and here's link to pensioner story:
  • andy y.
    I think it might be sensible to advice that you DON'T ignore a court summons.Remember that if you don't defend the action likely the court would rule against you by default.once you are on the wrong side of a CCJ they can use baliffs and oosts escalate rapidly. The best defence against parking 'fines' public or private is don't park where you shouldn't.
  • counterpoint
    If you had a bit of land and some twat(s) dumped their fiestas all over it wouldn't you be glad that a bunch of thugs offered to make their lives a misery of anyone that parked on your gaffe?
  • Mr. B.
    Try this on for size... and then watch some of these videos It's all about disassociation and invitation to contract. You are a human being and not a person. A mister; a person; a defendent is a legal fiction. Even if the worst comes to the worst, and you go to court to contest you do not say you are Mr. Max Power. But ''Max of the family Power authorised representative for that particular person and I intend to assist the court in the settlement and closure of this account.''. A court summon's is exactly invitation to attend, but best not to ignore though. Look for this information, look and read about FreeMan on the Land, your Bill of Rights. Nobody knows this information, but it is there for you to find and use and use your rights. Or you just pay up :)
  • D&G
    As Bitterwallet says, Don't pay, Don't respond. Even the Council Give up ;)
  • Vince W.
    Andy, yep it's a council type court order that falls under potential criminal law then you definitely want to respond. I am mostly referring to 'private parking' fines that are contracted between private landowners and drivers. I have come across a few that are deliberately designed to trick drivers with small print and poorly displayed signs (e.g. above eye level, parking spots appear normal, no warnings or signs on the way to parking spot). Right outside Laura Ashley next to Waitrose in Lewes is one such place. There was a case recently about mobs of people parking outside Waitrose in what appeared to be normal parking lots, only to find their cars clamped (coming in part 2). When being pursued, some of these people would go as far as using the term 'baliff' when threatening you to pay up, but just know your rights. These people have no more power to come in your house to do jack than your next door neighbour's cat. Of course if it's a ticket from the police and/or council it's a different matter!
  • Dave S.
    Lumoruk, that's a no waiting symbol! It means you can't wait in your car for your mum with her shopping between Monday and Saturday between the hours of 0800 and 1830hrs.
  • John
    "If you had a bit of land and some twat(s) dumped their fiestas all over it wouldn’t you be glad that a bunch of thugs offered to make their lives a misery of anyone that parked on your gaffe?" No because those thugs can get you into legal trouble as well - there's a reason these companies just about almost always fold in court because they know they're operating in murky ground. The PPC model is simply based on bullying all the way through from the fake penalty charge notices which they're not allowed to use to the threats from solicitors about court action and CCJ's which are also not true. At the moment everyone seems happy enough to let the PPC's get their way rather than have to worry about regulating the business at all however if enough people kick up a fuss about these PPC's then eventually it can't be ignored any longer. John
  • Lucy
    I parked in a disabled pay with my blue badge displayed for about 15 mins to go into a shop and had a £60 parking ticket from Excel when I came out. The signs saying that disabled drivers also had to pay were some distance from the disabled bays and obviously designed to mimic council car park signs, with very small writing and hard to see. I appealed on the grounds that I had no idea disabled drivers were expected to pay, and wasn't it missing the point a bit to put the payment signs so far away from the bays. They have just written to me (received 23.7.09) to deny my appeal and tell me if I don't pay up by 29.7.09, my fine will go up to £100. Having read your article, I am encouragaed to ignore them. I am already fighting 'CCI Legal Services' about another private parking ticket received for parking in Bradford Royal Infirmary car park, blue badge displayed again and in a legitimate parking bay, whilst attending eye casualty for a corneal lesion. They claim my partner, who was driving as I was blind at the time, parked on double yellow lines. I have refused to pay. Can you reassure me that I can safely ignore any subsequent threatening letters? Lucy.
  • How B.
    [...] a followup to part 1 of our recent post on how to deal with private parking tickets, we shall discuss cars that have been unfortunate enough to have been clamped or [...]
  • GF S.
    [...] reading for you UK PArking Enforcement Agency (Parkforce) - Page 8 - The Consumer Forums How to deal with private parking fines (part 1) | BitterWallet Private Parking [...]
  • mrs l.
    i will be taking the advice from your web sight after recieving a fine from Vehicle Control Sevices after my pemimt had fallen to the ground and they want £80.00 .I will wipe my arse on the letter.
  • drawlins
    Parked in hatched area beside disabled p area on the private road to unload wheel chair and have closer access to outpatients with wife. ticket from cpplus claimed infraction s 1 not parked in designated space 2 parked in restricted area 3 causing obstruction - it wasn't claimed £40 - in fine print on back - £15 if paid in 28 days is it safe to ignore this ?
  • Marcos
    Ticket in High Park, I believe that is run by NSL services group. How do you challenge then?
  • Complaints B.
    [...] we’ve got a couple of handy cut-out and keep guides to dealing with clampers and fines here and [...]
  • dave
    I had a ticket at Addenbrookes , cambridge for parking on yellow line with disabled blue badge. The ticket said i was causing an obstruction, when i was not. It said if i paid within 7 days it was £30 after that it was £60. After checking on these sites i never paid it and now 5 months later i recieve a letter from ROXBURGHE DEMANDING £95.00. Who is the crook now? having ignored it, i had a telephone call from them, but i demanded to know how they got my telephone number without telling them who they were talking to.They said they had a tracing department, i then said they would be in trouble for breaching the data protection act. I am now awaiting next letter or call, i will then report them to trading standards as they have used the wording in there letter to say as the owner i am responsible, when i am not. Yep lets face them in court and i will be claiming damages.
  • ifteqar k.
    I recently received a parking penalty notice for not display the paid ticket. I appeal against this ticket and sent them a original paid ticket to established my case, However, the company still refusing to cancle the ticket and asking me to pay the fine. Can you advice me what shall i do ? Thanks.
  • Julie D.
    I am fighting a CCJ that was given to John Radcliffe Hsspital Trust wh, in my opinion, repeatedly take advantage of the most vulnerable to make money. I am a disabled blue badge holder who was driven by my PA to an appointment with a specialist, that I had waited a long time to get. When I got there there were no parking bays avaiable at all, disabled or otherwise. I am not a wheel chair user and cannot go a mile outside the hospital to park in order to get to my appointment. I was particularly unwell that day and needed my PA to accompany me to the appointment. There is a secondary pavement/island upon which about four disabled dirvers had parked in order to get access to the hopital department. The cars were parked upon the island as to not do so would have caused a possible obstruction to emergency vehicles. I got a ticket that looked like a pcn in every way and I argued the case over and over..I was always refused. I then decided to get my day in court but was unwell at the time and a judgement made in my absence. They then sent ballifs around to seize my disabled vehicle to sell at auction. I then got a set aside for the judgement and will be going to court again at the end of March. I was told that the govenrnment are considering legislation to stop hospital trusts from doing this to disabled drivers/passengers...My feeling is,"over my dead body!". This is theivery of the worst kind...They give you no choise and then take the moral high ground..I say don't ignore them but face them head on with the moral challenge. They have to be stopped from doing this to people less able to defend themselves and who need access to their hospital care. What of the social model of disability?! Most of these trusts don't even know what that is....Time to reclaim free access to hospital treatment regardless of challenges or limitations. Julie
  • sean
    I also got a letter from ROXBURGHE threatening legal action, can you believe the fine now stands at 169.00. It was TESCO incidently where I got my ticket. Should I hand leaflets out letting customers what TESCO are up to??
  • Tim
    Hi- I thought I would tell you about Legion Parking, part of the British Legion organisatin who manage car parks and service yards in a shopping centre where I lease a retail premises. They fixed a ticket to my van every time it was in my service yard (200 tickets or so) and then tried to sue me for over £7000. They predictably lost in couort and were extremely p****d about it.It must have cost them hundreds of pounds to send a senior manager from PRESTON to Trowbridge. In the year following this to now, another 250 or so tickets have been issued to us. We ignore them and all they keep doing is writing threatening letters. I've got a suitcase full of these now. Each letter costs an enquiry on DVLA and some admin time so it is not a cheap excercise for them. If and when we ever go to copuort again, the suitcase will be emptied in the room. Bear in mind I have a lease which allows me to use the service yard as I wish. Regrettably the shopping centre manager is an ex naval petty offivcer and still thinks he is on one of HM Ships. He is using the parking attendants as a catspaw to beat the non-submissive tenants into giving him a quiet life. I'm glad I'm not a sailor! The moral of this story is IGNORE PRIVATE TICKETS!!! Don't engage with them uless you are sitting in the room with them and a Judge!!
  • Traffic D.
    Nice. You have a couple of great points The problem with law is that it sometimes doesn't work to the advantage of the victim. It is a failed system and needs to be fixed.
  • Ramnik
    I have been a victim of private car park. This happened on Mon 24th May. This was at private flats at the back of shops and I parked the car without reading any notices. On return the car was gone and no notice or any letter was left at the car park. On reading the notice I rang the given number and to my surprise the cas was towed to pound in N16. I was advised to pay a fine of £395 (including storage charge of £35) and if not collected it incurs a daily storage charge of £35. In panic I paid and release the car. Paid to co called CES SERVICES LTD Do I stand any chance to fight back
  • paul c.
    Thanks Vince, had heard similar on GMTV this month but your action plan is very good and will save me 90 quid. Parked in Morrisons with the Mrs shopping I went for quick beer that turned into a long beer. Thanks, all hail Vince Wong!
  • Nick
    what a load of bullshit, i run a private land parking management company, i issue fixed penalty notices daily, and if the owner of the car doesnt confirm the name or address of who's parked on the land the police are informed and they charge them for failing to provide details of the driver of the vehicle.... the other point about ignore all letters because you wont end up in court.... absolute bollocks.... the drivers we fine have one oppertunity to pay their fine within 7 days at a reduced cost £35, then 14 days at a cost of £75, then 21 days at a cost of £105 and then 28 days at a cost of £185... if after 28 days the driver has not paid.... we INSTANTLY summons the driver to the local county court and sue them for the whole cost of the full ticket £185 PLUS our costs which amount to £561 handing the driver a total bill of £746 thank you very much! so stop talking cod shit.... stop giving your readers bad advice and keep parking on private land!!! well.... it pays for my crazy lifestyle after all!!!!
  • J B.
    Nick (above), your post is ludicrous! If you really run a parking management co, you should know very well that you can never, in a million years engage the police to charge the owners for failing to provide details. This is not a criminal matter, but a civil one. Furthermore, as the amounts are under £5000, it is a small claims track, and generally you cannot recover your supposed administrative charges even if you win in court.If some people pay, thank them and be respectful that they support your 'crazy lifestyle'. But for those of us who know our rights, you sound like a complete idiot. I have fought hundreds of cases in court and have never seen any private company to win, unless their charges are reasonable, that is, not more than £10-15
  • G M.
    I have just had a read of some of the posts & Im am also up against Excel Parking of Shefield.I parked on roof top carpark like I have done for 25years & always paid my pay & display fee.The parking fee was 20p per hour so I paid 2 hours (40p).I parked my vehicle front end up against a wall,so stuck the peel & display ticket on the driver side window & went about my business.Came back to the vehicle with a Notice.It basicaly said failure to display ticket,pay up £40 within 14day or face further charges.The ticket had fallen off the window,thus failing to display ticket.I sent them a letter of appeal to them with the pay & display ticket i had purchased(kept a clear colour copy)A few days later I got what I now know is a templated letter telling me that thjey have not found sufficeint ground to cancel charges.But in the second paragraph reads"Whilst we understand your concern at receiving a Notice,it is entrely the motorists responsibility to satisfiy themselves before leaving the vehicle,that they are not contravening any regulations" I didnt think I was & my ticket was displayed before I left the vehicle.The letter also states that they can apprecitate that I purchased a Pay & Display ticket..Following advice from these forums I choose to ignore anyfurther contact with them.I have since received (2nd letter)a nice colourful letter with nice shades of red writing,Notice to owner of intent to issue court proceedings,total outstanding amount £100 & failure to pay this may result in court proceeding,warrant issued to baliffs & additional charges incurring.Court fee £30 & Solictors scale costs £50.....I am not easy intimidated but I really thought that they would have just said ok fine no problem we understand & we will quash the Notice as we know that you had paid your Pay & Display so thank you & call again!!...Do I continue to ignore things or do I have a genuine case to throw back at them in court...thank you
  • Richard J.
    I'm having fun and games with Excel Parking and Roxburgh at the moment. I parked in an Excel car park in Stockport. Neither of the two ticket machines were working when I arrived so I went and did some shopping and twenty minutes later I had a ticket. When I collared one of the officers issuing tickets he even admitted that other people had complained about the machines not working but still issued the ticket anyway. He told me to appeal and explain what had happened because once the ticket was issued there was no way of taking it back. I appealed and, yes, it was rejected. I started getting letters demanding ludicrous amounts for twenty minutes parking. Starting at £60 it eventually went up to £200 for a 40p parking space. I checked up to see how legal this was and it turns out that there are two reasons why they cannot enforce these sorts of fines. First of all they have to prove who was driving the car. The car may be registered in your name but they have to prove who was driving and, as the owner, you are not obliged to tell them this information. Second, and this is the most important one, they can only claim for loss of earnings. So if you paid £1 for two hours parking but stayed another hour, they can only claim for the extra time you stayed on their property. Ignore the bully boy tactics, debt collectors letters, solicitors letters, supposed bailliffs on your doorstep. Let them take you to court and make sure you give them that £2, they so desperately need, in 2p coins.
  • nicola
    Hi there, I recieved a parking charge notice form a company called G24. It was for £95 which is ridiculous. I understand it is not under legal law more contract. However, I wrote a letter, which admitted it was my car but can they prove I am the driver ? also pointing out that they have no legal hold on me, and that it was too high charge to justify the offense, which is NOT criminal. I offered my apology to landowner. I wrote this as I was angered by them charging so much,in retrospect I should have just kept quiet. I however have not said I was the driver, or anything incriminating. I am worried though. They sent a letter saying my "appeal" was declined. I would like to point out it angered me that they thought I was "appealling" - the cheek. As if they are all powerful law - which of course they are not. I am worried that debt collectors fees etc will come next and I will have to pay them debt collectors fees ??
  • Natasha
    I got a parking penalty for my car which I had parked in a metered space, while I was actually getting change and buying a ticket from the meter! I had left my car unattended for TWO MINUTES and while I was nearing the meter to get my ticket a woman stuck a notice on my car and started taking photographs. She wasn't dressed in official-looking traffic warden uniform so I didn't know that's what she was, otherwise I would have spoken to her to let her know I was just getting my ticket literally right then and there. The car park is apparently on private land so the penalty is for £100 rather than £40 issued by the local council. I feel criminalised and at the same time as if I have been mugged. I don't know how I'm supposed to get a ticket from the meter without leaving my car. I'm really shocked at how many stories there are of people being wrongly charged penalties.
  • claire
    i work for the nhs and have been given a parking fine for £20 as i parked on grass that was clearly staff parking but they are claming i parked over two space. (how they work that out on grass i dnt know). i have had a letter from solicitors saying if i dnt pay up in two wks they will take this matter further. i am tempted by your advice to ignore this n see how far it goes. im scared of doing this though incase i do end up with a ccj or balifs at my door (well my mums door as i live with parents). please can you advise me further. thanks
  • Joe H.
    Excellent advice, followed it to the letter. I parked in a NHS Hospital car Park as a patient and on two occasions they gave me tickets each time. Each letter they sent me they increase the penalty when it reach about five hundred pounds they then got my phone number (which is ex directory) and tried phoning. I could not tell them who was driving and they appear to have given up, Its gone on for a year but it was worth the advice as I object to paying for parking in a hospital if I am a patient or a visitor.
  • M.
    Wonderful and helpful advice, however, these crooks(so called private property watchers) recruit the most aggressive and ill mannered people to carry out these kind of street mugging operations under the so called "law". Not far from us, in Scotland this gangsterism is not defended by law, sic, this is a "law" of the wild that was put in place by weak "authorities" succumbbing to ruthless "landlords".
  • lyn b.
    in may i was issued with a fixed penalty notice i hold my hands up i did park in a staff disabled bay but it wanos defunct because we have a beaeutiful new hospital over the road and facilieties for disablled staff there nbay bay i am now being asko transport so parked in a defunct disabled i have to pay 3500 i can not afford this help p;ease
  • lyn b.
    i work for the nhs and pay each month to park my car in the car park with a permit one shift i needed to woso i parkkedrk for i turned up at the car park to face a twenty minute qand am now beueue so i parked in a staff disabled bay i thought this would be okay as we had just had a new hospital built and disabled parking was now on the 5th floor with a walkover bridge etc after a very busy shift and over an hour late not paid for in my wages on returning to my car i noticed a fixed penalty ticket for 25 pounds on reading this site i decided to ignore the warning but am now being taken to county court please help anyone
  • sandra
    My cars been clamped by baliffs on my landlords private land, is this legal? I had two parking tickets which I could not afford to pay...
  • Nik B.
    I have been issued a 'Parking Ticket' for parking in a bay that turns out was in a private car park belonging to my local snooker hall, I was only in the car park a matter of ten mins and I came out to ticket demanding £90, went to see the car park attendant and explained I was in the Jobcentre (next door) less than ten minutes and was then intending to come for a game of pool with a mate. Attendant says 'if thats the case go upstairs and spend a fiver and I'll cancel the ticket' I turned round and walked out in disgust and he then says 'as your leaving site it'll still stand'. I rang the ticket company and told them the same story and they said 'nah we have CCTV and your lying' when there is no cameras located at the site just big signs saying they will fine you if caught parking blah blah blah, point is it was issued by a private company based in Leeds (im in Grimsby) so could I ignore them?? I asked how they could track me down as they didnt know who I was and they said they could go to DVLA but isnt this breach of DATA PROTECTION? I spose the only thing I have going for me is my car isnt in my name or listed at my address, its a long story but is above board and legal but due to this they couldnt trace me anyway, wouldnt they also have to prove I was driving and as the owner I dont have to legally supply any details of anyone driving my car anyway? Any help would be greatly received, thanks
  • gibbons
    hi. i have currently got good old excel parking on my back and their friends rochburge and also today graham white solicitors. they are giving me a final chance to pay up before the debt collectors come with a warrant. i parked in salford quays car park as i worked on the new holiday inn in salford. i paid and displayed on the day in question (like i did every day for three months) but accidently put the ticket in face down. i appealed it and sent all my other tickets from the three months and got the refused appeal template that people are describing then the debt collection letter and now the solicior letter. i am worried and have thought about paying up but i dont see why i should. they know i paid because i have proof. i would be prepared to give them the £3.50 for the day again as i made an honest mistake but no way am i paying the 350 quid that they are now asking. can they get a warrant without both of us going to court because i'd gladly go and talk to the judge. any help would be much appreciated.
  • G M.
    Hi id just like to update my situation from June 30th...About September time I had a phone call from a solicitor dealing with the case & i told him I am happy for them to take legal proceddings against me,he asked me my reason why I wanted to go to court.I simply told him that no magistrate in a month of sundays would find me guilty.He simply agreed with me,said thank you & hung up the phone.I have heard nothing to date,so I asume that that its all over.....So my advice to anyone in my situation,is to stand your ground nomatter how they threaten you with baliffs,debt agency & court,..My mistake was to appeal in the first place,if your strong enough,ignore everything they cant do nothing...thank you
  • Bitterwallet’s B.
    [...] readers might recall our rather excellent guide on dealing with private parking fines, in which we recommended ignoring both the ticket and all subsequent correspondence. Sadly, [...]
  • Ignore I.
    Private companies cannot issue fines or penalties - only the State can do that. They are in fact breaking the law when they refer to them as Penalty Charge Notices or 'fines' They aren't even tickets...they are merely invoices for a sum of money they are not lawfully owed... Best advice - ignore them. Then ignore them some more. Then ignore them even more. Their letters are empty threats, about as valuable as toilet paper. They will not take you to court because they know a proper defence it would kill it off in so many areas and make them look like fools; instead they rely on scare tactics and bullying and people's ignorance of the law. DO NOT CONTACT THEM IN ANY WAY. This will simply give them a green light to ramp up the pressure with more threats as they think they have a 'live one' on the hook. They mail out thousands of these letters every's a nicelittle earner for them. Excel-Roxburghe-Graham White....ah yes, it's a well trodden path. The owner of Excel and his partner pull down around 700k a year doing this sort of thing. Heard he was looking for a new yacht recently. Stand your ground, ignore the letters/phonecalls. They will eventually realise you aren't biting and they look for easier victims elsewhere. Oh, some people were wondering how they get your information? They pay the DVLA £2 for it - the DVLA happily give this info out; it's a nice little side earner for them too!
  • Kev S.
    I have been unfortunate to have found a parking ticket on my vehicle not realising it was not the council but a private company on private ground. i have also, unfortunately replied with a letter of appeal and recieved a reply saying 'tough' basically i need to pay it! Any advice would be welcome!
  • AnnaB
    Is this for the UK or the US? I'm in Oregon and I got a private parking ticket from a company called NW Parking Control. Their website lists them as debt recovery service. Can they send this to collection agency and if they do will it hurt my credit score?
  • Mel
    I parked at a restaurant carpark today, and realised it was pay and display but didn't have any change so went into the restaurant to get some change for a maximum of 5 minutes then when returning to my car a private company had already put a ticket on there and disappeared. They must have been waiting and watching for their next victim.. Really p***** off about it. After reading various sites about parking tickets I'm going to ignore them. If they want to take me to court then bring it on. I will also write to the restaurant complaining about the way the land owners are treating their customers.
  • Frank H.
    Hi there. Last week (1st march) I parked in a 'free for two hours' car park outside Halfords, in Bury, Lancs. After shopping in Halfords (about 10 mins), I then walked down to the Post Office, about 300 yards away. There was a queue in the Post Office (as usual)!, and when I got back to my car, there was a ticket on it. This official-looking ticket, with a very impressive logo at the top, told me that i had to pay an 'excess charge' of £100 (reduced to £65 if paid within 14 days) for REASON0022. No stating what the reason is. On taking a proper look at the parking display notice in the car park, below the big writing telling that you have 2 hours free parking for going to the retailers in that car park, there, in much smaller writing, is the instruction that 'you may not leave the car park on foot'. Needless to say, whoever issued the ticket was nowhere to be found. After telling this story to a work colleague, I was told that the ticket is probably unenforcable. Thus I have arrived at this website with stories of people being harassed and bullied into paying extortionate fees. I am writing this in the hope that it will help others in fighting this dreadful practice of semi-legalised blackmail. At the top of this excess charge notice are the words 'It is an offence for an unauthorised person to remove or interfere with this notice'. Utter rubbish. As this website clearly states, the ticket has not been issued under any legal legislation. The statement is not worth the paper it is written on. Now look at the ticket issue heading - EXCESS CHARGE. Excess charge for what??? This is a FREE car park we are talking about. How can there be an excess charge on nothing??? After reading the information on this website, I am ignoring this ticket altogether and I would advise the same to everybody else. I am a big lad and I can stand up for myself and when I get a ticket like this, I won't roll over and pay it without looking into it properly. This website shows how much you can benefit by a bit of research. But there are many vunerable people out there, particularly the elderly and infirm who are literally frightened when they get official-looking tickets like these and it concerns me greatly that these car park crooks prey on these people, who are so worried about these things, they pay up immediatly without question. We owe it to everyone, but particularly the frightened people, to stand up against this dishonest practice and through this website, and refusing to pay these vultures, is the only way that we will overcome this practice. I wish everyone well in their efforts and remember DON'T PAY UP AND DON'T TAKE IT LYING DOWN!!! Frank H.
  • Boris S.
    The Person calling themselves Nick, who posted on 7th june 2010,claiming he runs a PPC business. Has not only a filthy mouth, but is talking from his preverbial backside!! These private PCN's are a civil matter and in NO way a criminal matter, and the Police have no authority to enforce an owner of a vehicle to submit the details of a driver of that vehicle at the time a PCN was issued. This would only be the case if the ticket was from an official source, IE The Council or the Police! The breach, IF ANY is between the driver and the PPC, NOT the owner and the PPC. Although if he is as intimidating in person as he makes out in writing, then he is himself committing a CRIMINAL act and should be reported by anyone who has dealings with him!
  • Boris S.
    Just read Nick the loudmouths post again, if his spelling is as bad on his PCN's then they are not worth the paper they are written, and I suggest he keeps the affore mentioned fro to wipe his own backside!! He says he INSTANTLY summons the DRIVER to court, but not knowing who the driver is makes the summons invalid. As what he really means is he summons' the owner, who has not been proven as the driver. HE IS A TWIT..I don't think he is what he says he is, he just trying to wind up the posts. Well it worked you sad individual.
  • kahlenb
    I am currently dealing with Vehicle Control services of sheffield, a name which crops up more and more on these forums. I have now been summoned to court for 3 parking tickets, but I genuinely have no knowledge of who was driving the car at the time. I work away alot, and the car is used by several family members. I have the tickets in my name as the registered keeper. I am defending the claim with this defence, but don't know if I will be made to pay up..what do you think?
  • QAZ
    Had a PCN from Keepmoat stadium in Doncaster, signs are halfway up lamp posts 30 yards from the entrance in a free carpark. had 3 letters ramping fees upto 500quid and then had a letter from a debt collection agency asking for 100quid. they are threatening legal action and a CCJ. to date i have ignored their letters. If they do take me to court what would be the appropriate things to say infront of a judge to get the case kicked out. A little more info in this area would be good for everyone if they are ordered to attend court. Lets get some real strong statements to say in court (if it gets that far) and make real fools of these companies infront of a judge.
  • Ashley
    To QAZ . Probably too late to be helpful but I've read a lot on this after my daughter got a ticket. Basically if its not a police or local authority Penalty Charge Notice it is not a criminal issue but a contract one. Private firms are calling their tickets Parking Charge Notice to make it look like the real thing. They say the charges is enforceable in court because you've broken the contract you entered by parking. But. a) its illegal to have a penalty for breach of contract. you can only cover costs. And the charge (£60 in my case) is way in excess of that b) they have to prove it was you driving and even if you are the keeper of the vehicle they won't be able to take any case against you unless they can prove you were driving it c) because there is no debt (just an unpaid charge) they can't get a CCJ against you. All the advice I've read says keep ignoring it. Also ... watch this.
  • Pixie50
    My family and I drove up too London overnight from Cornwall,and back again the following night.Needless to say,on the way home,I felt myself dropping off at the wheel,so I stopped at the next services,only planning to stay an hour,two at the most.Well,four hours later,we headed home again.A week later in the post,I received a parking fine for £80.00's, or £50.00 if I pay within 14days. I never even noticed the sign on the way in the services,due to the fact I was sleep deprived.My problem I know. A photo of my car was taken,leaving and entering,at 2.06 am and 6.19 am,respectively. What a cheek.The first two hours are free,then its £10 an hour.Their argument is,as I stayed four hours,I was with-holding business from them.Whose ever seen a carpark jam-packed at 2am,no,me neither.They can stick it where the sun don't shine.I shall be ignoring it and anymore correspondence I receive from them. Any comments will be appreciated guys!!
  • Gilly1949
    I have a similar story. My daughter was spending the last few days of her holiday from Australia. I hadn't seen her for four years and we spent a lovely time together in a retail centre in Northampton shopping for last minute gifts for her to take back to Australia . In addition we had coffee and did a big shop in Morrisons. I was aware that there was a sign in the car park saying the first three hours parking was free. However time ran away with us and we unintentionally overstayed the designated time. A few days later I received a letter from a company purporting to act on behalf of Morrison's and claiming that I had to pay a charge of £70 if paid within 14 days or £90 thereafter for overstaying 93 minutes in the car park!!! Having returned to the car park I see the small print does say "you must leave within 3 hours to avoid incurring a charge of £70". I am affronted that I should have to pay to give these shops, including Morrisons, my business. Without their customers they simply couldn't continue to trade. The car park was not full at any time during my visit and I was not therefore stopping any other customer from shopping. I too am going to ignore the letter and any other correspondence I may receive. I will admit I am nervous though. Has anybody else experienced a similar situation, received letters and come out the other side without paying?
  • shirley
    I parked in a shopping centre underground car park. It was very busy. I found apace and parked. On return I was getting a ticket for parking in a private bay I actually joked with the attendant I thought he was joking. The ticket states hthere were 4 warning signs there was not. 1.
  • shirley
    Hi shirley again, sorry! There was a lot of (noise) signage if you like A very large No smoking sign on my concrete column. A low headroom sign on the wall larger then the private sign which was not centred like the low headroom. four by four next to me and all other bays full. It was a trap and did I fall for it soooooo angry. I am at the stage of pay fine +excess 14 day total £120.00 by Monday or threaten court action. Ha
  • John
    Shirley,dont fall for the threat of 120 pounds before monday crap. Do you have a camera phone? If so take photos and store them in case for later.
  • shirley
    Hi John Thankyou for replying John, I am afraid I have paid-but- contacted Local M.P who is going to bring it up with with the transport Minister and I will receive a copy, did get it back to the £80.00 but yes still raging mad but cannot have it on my head. Please please everyone out there whether paying or not contact your local MP and make sure you make your complaint very strongly we have to some protection and laws surrounding this racket. p.s The same thing happened to my freind 6 weeks ago I have just found out and she is not paying.
  • Sunita P.
    I have got the private parking ticket from parking over the limit of 1 hour. went online to check and read on so many forums to ignore the letters and dont pay. so i am getting letters from debt collector and solicitors regarding the fine£148 (gone up from origianal £50). I am just ignoring them, but today i got a phone call on my mobile phone from the solicitor asking me to pay the fine or go to court. i told them i am not paying the fine as i feel its unfair and i dont want to talk about it. Can they really call u on ur mobile? they told me they got the number from the debt collectors, what are my rights on this matter? pls any help really apreciated
  • Louise L.
    Sorry Sunita I'm not sure what to advise other than speaking to the police to see if they can help. I received a private parking charge for being 11 minutes over due from Parking Eye. It was for £40 and I was in an Aldi carpark but hadn't shopped there. I paid them even though it seems an excessive charge but I really can't deal with the threats you get if you don't pay. I like the idea of contacting your MP so I will do this. I just don't understand how these operators have managed to be allowed by trading standards to operate in this fashion.
  • Gmac
    I am having a dispute with UKPC in berkshire. I had a collegue on crutches and so parked in a disabled space at a retail park in July- without a blue badge unfortunately. There was no ticket on the car when we returned after about 15 mins later, but received a notice demanding £90 when I returned from holiday in August (would have been £45 if paid within 14 days in July. Tried to explain situation and offered to pay £45, but kept receiving standard letters saying "appeal" had been turned down. The replies all ignored the fact there was no ticket on car. Eventually, I paid the £45 by cheque in September, with a covering letter saying this was full and final settlement. Cheque was cashed 3 days later. I now have a Debt Recovery Plus Limited threatening legal action if I dont pay a further £150. They are demanding proof of payment and have not accepted cheque number and date it was cashed by UK Parking Control Limited I have checked out both these companies and both look rather dodgy and I feel uncomfortable sending a copy of any statement showing payment, when they debt recovery people could simply call their "client" to confirm payment Both organisations seem to be run by Directors who start up and dump companies regualrly. Final straw is a "notice of Intended Litigation" Not sure of next step! GMAC
  • shirley
    Dear me, How is this happening. Presumably they have not taken it to court so they do not have a leg to stand on. The fact that you paid initially is proof of your moral standing, I am afraid they do not have one. please please please please contact your MP and Watchdog and local papers we are all being done by the cowboys and it has to stop.!!!!!!!!!
  • Ken
    Don't get mad - get even. All you require to do is: 1: Take a note of the company's name (it will definitely be a limited company) 2: Look up details on Company House website 3: Look for documentation "Change of Director" or "Details of Directors" - choose 2 or 3 if possible. 4: Send for a copy of document - it will cost £1 for each document - will be sent by e-mail 5: Document will give HOME address of Director - possible phone number too. 6: If no phone number - look it up on internet. 7: Phone Director at 3:00 AM (note AM - in the early morning) and BELLOW down the phone at him, saying that you have a COMPLAINT. He will be in his REM sleep then and is guaranteed NOT to get back off to sleep. He will go into the office that morning like a bear with a sore head. You will have succeeded in annoying him - for a change. I guarantee this works EVERY time - no matter how big the company is. I do it ALL the time if I get bad service from a company or receive unsolicited phone calls from them.
  • Sahil
    I have received a Parkinfg charge notice from Care Parking. My appeal is rejected by the company. Should i just ignore them from here on or take some action? I read many articles, but no advice on what to do after your appeal is rejected. Any help?
  • Jonathan
    Wish I'd found this sooner! I was given a ticket by Premier Park in Exeter. I was inside the arts centre getting a permit to park outside but was ticketed while I was doing so. Unwisely (it seems from this website) I appealed, on the grounds that I was obviously entitled to park there because I did get a permit. The appeal was immediately turned down on the grounds that my vehicle had been in the car park for more than 10 mins without a permit - it had taken a bit longer than that to get the permit; not my fault. I now see why it was stupid to give them my name and address. So far I've had the offer to pay a reduced charge, £50 rather than £80, a threat to refer to a debt collection agency, Debt Recovery Plus Ltd and two letters from Debt Recovery Plus threatening court action with increasing amounts of money being demanded. I've responded to all of these saying I have no intention of paying because I got a permit. I must say, I wish now I had never even appealed so they'd never have known who I was. Still, I'm holding firm because I can't imagine that their case would hold up in court. "Debt Recovery" Ha! More like extortion, or demanding money with menaces. Their last letter was sent second class, took six days to reach me, but demanded that I pay in full within seven days of the date of their letter. I'm going to stand my ground. Has anyone ever fought back and sued for harrassment or anything?
  • Chris
    Re private parking 'fines'/'charges' (whatever they wish to call them) - look on the Pepipoo forums, extremely useful site.
  • Carol A.
    My husband has now received his 4th letter regarding a private parking fine which states it is from a debt recovery agency. They are now saying if he doesnt pay up they may take small claims action in the County Court/Sheriff Court. Also states this will involve him in further costs and may result in the instruction of bailiffs/sheriff officers. Again this letter will go in the bin after previously reading all the forums we havnt taken any notice of them and will quite happily tell bailiffs were to go. They may have a name and address but they have no proof that that person still stays at that address and to make matters worse it wasnt even my husband that was driving the car. This was for overstaying in a so called free car park. I am quite happy to continue ignoring but if someone could just re confirm I am doing the right thing as we are in Scotland that would be great. Thanks, and good luck to anyone else. C.A
  • Mat
    Ken, This is the best idea I've ever heard. I've this morning received a PCN from some cowboy who claims to work for a firm called PrivateEye. Needless to say, Simon Smith, Director as of 02 February 2012, will be getting some rather early wake up calls from now on. I will definitely employ similar tactics in the future. P.S. They can shove their fine up their proverbial Thanks for all the advice folks.
  • Paul A.
    I have recentley been sent a demand for £50 after dropping off a work colleague at McDonalds who said he wanted to get a coffee. I was in the car park no longer than 3 or 4 minutes whilst I arranged to meet him for a drink. He said he was going to grab something to eat later as he had travelled down to London from Manchester and would I pick him up in McDonalds at about 6. I arrived about ten to six and met him and once agiain I was in the car park no longer that 5 - 10 minutes. I have now had a demand saying I was in the car park for a 107 minutes and this means I had gone over my time. I have 3 witnesses one saying I in fact left the car park and 2 saying my vehicle was at my home address for this time. I have submitted an appeal but it has been rejected very swiftly you will not be suprised to hear. Should I ignore them ?
  • Driving U.
    Simply wish to say your article is as amazing. The clearness in your publish is just spectacular and i can assume you're a professional in this subject. Fine with your permission let me to snatch your feed to keep updated with impending post. Thanks one million and please continue the gratifying work.
  • Padmond C.
    I have been Charged 275 pound in privet parking for just less then 10 min,because i went to buy drink to take my tablet..There were lot of car before I parked my car ,no one have been chaged or car clamed...I found it suspicious and unfair for this amount. I found this man racist.
  • Martin
    To anybody that gets a parking 'ticket' from a private company= 1. Ignore it 2. Ignore the follow up letter 3. Ignore the next letter with more threats 4. Ignore the next and the next and any further letters 5. Ignore the threat of legal action 6. Ignore the final demand before 'taking you to court' 7. Recycle all the mail they sent you in the appropriate bin 8. Don't worry - the ppc's have no legal departments, its a bluff. 9. Get on with your life 10. Enjoy the fact you have wasted the cowboys time. END.
  • Paul A.
    Have now had the 2nd letter its in the bin now !
  • Another1Fined
    I have now received the 'Solicitors' letter. My charge has mounted to £150 with the threat of 'Additional Costs' of £207.25 if I am taken to the County Court. I may be the owner, but I was categorically NOT THE DRIVER. This LDK ticket was issued when the car was parked only 6mins over the time paid for. All the forum advice is to ignore, ignore and then ignore. I'm going to carry on following this advice, BUT I'm feeling worried as I've always tried to stay right with the law. Any support from others who have, or are following the same advice, gratefully appreciated.
  • pa w.
    Great items from you, man. I've have in mind your stuff previous to and you're simply extremely fantastic. I really like what you've obtained right here, really like what you are stating and the best way in which you are saying it. You make it entertaining and you still take care of to keep it smart. I can't wait to read far more from you. That is really a tremendous website.
  • Richard G.
    My son in law to be has received a parking charge from Parking Eye stating he was parked in a car park for 25hours, he went to the site on two subsequent days but they have listed him as only going into the car park once, I have sent a letter to them and of course they have rejected appeal, I have read all the posts on your site, should we respond again to them?
  • Paul A.
    on 3rd letter now money up to £125. Ricahrd see any similarties in my problem. !!
  • Richard G.
    I have again sent a letter telling them to give me a court date and have now received a reply stating charge cancelled, so Paul, keep going, they do give up. Oh, by the way my neighbour has also received a bill claiming he was parked for 65 hours, he did the same as me and again they cancelled the charge. Good luck Paul, don't let them get the better of you
  • Josephine
    can anyone help? I took my elderly mum for a trip to the De la Warr Pavilion in Bexhill on Sea and parked in an area in front of the building. There were some lined bays but they were virtually worn away. When we returned I had a council-issued Notice to Pay ticket for £80. How stupid of me, I thought, how could I have not seen the car park signs. So I drove home and paid up quickly to reduce it to £60. Some days later a chance encounter with an old friend revealed that the same thing had happened to him at the same car park. However he had checked the car park entrances and only 1 of 3 has any signage whatsoever. When he phoned the Rother Council he was told that as far as they were concerned the car park was clearly signposted. When he told them it clearly wasn't as there wer no signs at the entrances he was told that if he'd looked around he would have seen a pay machine and there was a sign at the main (?) entrance. To appeal formally he would have to write in and it would be considered by an "independent" council officer. He did and this was obviously refused but no comments were made about his reasons for appeal just " I consider it was issued correctly" ! No mention of any means of further appeal..just pay up! so he phoned them again and was told that he could only appeal by Judicial Review ! This is a high court action and would cost £15-30 thousand pounds !!!! plus solicitors and barristers fees of £4-£1000. This effectively removed his right of a fair appeal in a magistrates court. As he was going abroad for sometime he had no choice but to pay up. You can guess what I did next ....jumped in the car the next day and checked it out ! He was right....there are no signs at 2 of the 3 main entrances...nothing at all, not even a post with a skull and cross bones ! I feel cheated and unable to do anything about it as my subsequent phone call was met with "well you had the right to a judicial review if you hadn't paid up" and "you really should be more observant when you park"..cheeky cow. Is there anything I can do you legal beagles ????
  • Paul A.
    Hi Richard No am noyt paying this one have just had to pay one where I did take a chance and got court, paid up no problem but am not paying thyese cowboys
  • Helen
    My son got a private parking ticket on 15th May, this was for parking his motorbike in a carpark of a shopping area and walking off the site, the parking signs say that you cannot leave the site, however the boundaries of the site are not stipulated on the signs, he walked less than 100ft to his dads shop to get money for a coffee. The fine is for £100 but reduced to £60 if he pays it within 14 days, we are not paying!!! Especially now i have read all of these comments
  • Danny
    I was hoping for some advice please re this issue. My wife parked at a free car park in Pitsea Market Essex a couple of months ago, unwittingly she overstayed the parking time limit and we subsequesntly recieved a Parking Charge Notice in the post following the management company (Euro Car Parks)obtaining our address from the DVLA. My wife responded and acknowledged that she was driver , she was actually working in Pitsea for the day and explained that when a colleague told her of the time limit she moved the car. She stated that she felt the charge for overstaying was unreasonable and asked that they re consider the charge notice. I then responded when they answered by saying that the fine had gone up to £70 as she had entered into a contract and that her appeal had been turned down , unsurprising now that i have read up on the matter from your site and other similar ones. I requested certain material from them and stated that the charge was too excessive for a free car park . However we have now received a letter from Debt Recovery Plus Ltd stating that if we do not pay within 7 days a charge of now £130 then the matter may be passed to a solicitor and then be taken to County court. My concern is this. I have read about the unenforcable nature of such charges, if they cannot identify the driver and as the registered keeper i do not have supply the details. In my case however my wife honestly admitted to being the driver as she thought the charge notice was a legal document( e.g lawfully given) . Does this put me in a position of weakness in trying to defend myself and avoid and extortionate charge demand of £130.
  • shane
    Hi, I have been issued a parking fine withdraw usual pay now or it goes up in cost printing, I parked in a disabled bay with a disabled badge for my mother in law. I compiled with all other parking regulations for this car park in Cardiff. I've emailed the company following there disputes procedure on line by sending them an email with a photo attached of the disabled permit asking them to prove the badge was not on show by supplying back to me a photo of the offence. 8 days have passed and still nothing? I don't know if I should pay up or wait... has anyone come across this ? Are there bodies I can contact about this?
  • shane
    Oh and the fine was placed on my windscreen covering my tax disc, is this allowed ? Soz for the typos
  • Helen
    I have been issued a parking penalty from far as i can see they is no council link or police link... i have ignored my 2nd bill now upto £100 with threats of debt collection costs and courts if not paid with in 28 days... its going in the filing system. called garbage.... they obviously got my info from dvla but am continuing to ignore as it was my car but i was not driving at the time and not sure who was driving... but don't care don't have to say who it was anyway!! i usually pay up as i am law abiding but am not giving in on this one..... also note NCP carparks have info on web of their individual carparks and this one says no CCTV so bonus...but wonder if they can get film footage of persons if it does? Anyone know if NCP are private and count as ignore?
  • Rhian
    Just wondering if anyone can help me!... I received a ticket from a private company as I parked in a disabled bay in a shopping centre. I know I shouldn't have but only needed to pop into a shop to collect something, (quite a heavy package) and was 5 minutes max but when I returned I had a ticket. I have ignored all correspondence thus far, (the original fine is from Nov 2011) but now have a court summons!! Can anyone help??
  • Alpha Z.
    Just received a ticket from ukpc for parking whilst in m&s. Attendants tok photo as a was parked across line due to car n in next bay and wife could not get out of car. Car had gone when alleged offence occurred. Attendants would not remove ticket or give their names. £90! Or 45 if paid early. No CCTV in car park. Advice please? Alpha Zulu
  • Paul A.
    Three weeks ago had a debt recovery company letter, called them decent enough person on the line I said that they would have to give me notice of court procedings as my 3 witnesses needed to get time off of work. She said it will be susended for a week and as of today not heard anything.
  • Paul A.
    Ignore Ignore Ignore them thats my advice
  • JoJo
    I received a parking contravention charge notice of £100 for parking in an NCp car park without a ticket. The frustrating part is I was there fpr 10 mins as shown on the ticket and I thought it was a display a disc car park, so got out my car arranged my disc and left it on the dashboard before leaving. Do i have to pay this fine?...... i ask as i have read nasty stories on line today about NCP! all advice welcome! (ps - can this effect my credit rating??) thanks!
  • Paul A.
    Not heard a thing since June 27th so maybe ignoring them is the way to go
  • Paul A.
    As of today no contact
  • K
    Just to share i received a fine in the post for overstaying the mcdonalds carpark time limit - i was in fact in their restuarant the entire time but no matter! I ignored every single letter they sent to me - sometimes several, then a break, few more, debt going up, court action threatened etc etc. I think this was nearly a year ago now and the letters have stopped. Then the other day I received a so called parking ticket on my windscreen while visiting a friend who lives on a new build estate where seemingly no one is allowed to park on their roads at all.... hope noone there ever needs an ambulance! Anyway its another private company trying to get money from me - i was particularly entertained by their use of exclamation marks eg parked without permission! Parked outside of bay! etc..... ooooh scary - i shall be ignoring these idiots as well. I love the way they printed the ticket in very official looking yellow and black but stuck it to my windscreen in a 'documents enclosed' plastic envelope as used for invoices and address labels on most postal parcels LOL!
  • martin
    recently received a parking ticket for parking incorrectly over yhe line from a private parking company in Stevenage Kings Park its free parking area for users of Kings Park amusements etc . Have received the follow up letter with a photo showing offence asking for £90 can anyone advise me please , i think its best to ignore .
  • dom c.
    just a couple of questions... first to Paul Ashwood...any further contact? and to those FEW who have actually received court summons...any outcomes?
  • L J.
    Hi I received a parking ticket from Private Parking Solutions Ltd for parking behind a shop to unload. PPS Ltd have passed my fine to Debt Recovery Plus Ltd who are threatening legal action making me a reduced payment offer. I went on to their website and they show a list of county court judgements from people so it looks pretty intemidating to mak eyou think they go all the way. Any experince about this company and my next steps would be appreciated. Am I likely to receive a court summons ? I have ignored all correspondence to date. Kind regards Linda

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