Deal Klaxon! 15p off a litre at Morrisons with a £60 spend

496x279_FuelB_V0.1 Here's one that could see lots of fuel-thirsty Brits divert away from their regular grocery superprovider this weekend. Spend £60 on groceries at Morrisons from today until 4th March and you can get a whopping 15p off the price of a litre of fuel. We think that's the biggest reduction we've seen yet, although the recent up-sneaking of fuel prices make it a tad disappointing at the same time.

Here's the T&Cs....

After the success of last year's Fuel Britannia promotions, we're now giving you the chance to enjoy your biggest ever saving at the pumps - not 5p, not 6p, but 15p off every litre of fuel when you spend £60 or more in store!*

How it works:

1. Spend £60 or more in store in one transaction between 23rd February – 4th March.**

2. Collect your voucher at the till while paying for your goods. Don't forget to keep your itemised receipt.

3. Present your voucher and itemised receipt at the filling station when you’re purchasing your fuel. Remember you’ve got until 4th of March to collect your vouchers, and until 11th of March to use them.

*Exclusions and Terms and Conditions apply

**£60 spend excludes purchases made from the Petrol Filling Station, Cash Back, Tobacco, Saver Stamps, Gift Vouchers, Lottery On line Games & Instant Win Tickets, ‘Top-up’ Mobile Phone Cards, E Top-up, Photo Printing, Prescription Medicines and purchases made within the café. Purchases from dry cleaning and Pharmacy are also excluded.

[thanks to avid HUKD reader david2505]


  • Mike H.
    Shame the fuel is 28% water. It'll cost you more to 'un-fuck' your engine. Unless you drive a BMW/Audi, in which case I doubt you know your arse from your elbow. Fill ye boots you fucking dick-wads!
  • Paddy
    I drive an Audi. I know my arse from my elbow however I struggle to tell the difference between Morrisons fuel and water-it is that shite. Burns at a horrendous rate hence I will not touch the stuff even though I used to live directly opposite a Morrisons petrol station. False economy and I agree with Mike Hock even though he is too poor to drive an Audi or BMW although in fairness to him, BMW drivers are fucking arsehole chavs in their shitty 10 year old 3 series.
  • BMW s.
    I use morrisons fuel and it seems ok to me, well it makes the car go so who really gives a shit? Well apart from the two chemists above. burn rate and 28% this that and the other. The funny thing is they're probably both on the dole. Ha ha paddy "oh I drive an Audi" probably an old A2 rust bin! As far as I'm aware all the chavs have moved onto Audi's so good luck with that.

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