Deal Attack! Spend a few pennies and get big money off your petrol!

petrolpumpHotUKDeals newcomer backhouse21 has stormed on to the forum earlier today with a spectacular tip that could save you money on petrol.

He/she/it says: “This works! Basically, if you spend £2 on anything in Morrisons, and then ask for £40 cashback, you've technically spent over £40 and therefore get 5p per litre of petrol! I haven't tried this in Sainsburys or Tesco but i'm assuming it will work in these stores too.”

A few other members have backed up backhouse21’s claims and say that it’s worked for them as well. Have you tried it? If not, why are you still reading this? Go on, off you go, before the supermarkets get wise and close the loophole.


  • -=|Mike H.
    I put £100 of fuel in my car a week. So, I need to draw £40 cash out every time I want to fill up with shite fuel? AND buy something I don't really need for £2? WHAT A SHITE DEAL! And before you ask, I use a cashback credit card, so wouldn't spend the cash on fuel, dick head. Don't even get me started on how shite the fuels is from supermarkets!
  • Mike U.
    It works Altertivley buy any item over £40, come back after and hour and get a refund Same result!!!
  • Tom P.
    It's now an EXPIRED deal, they've cottoned on. Anyway, supermarket diesel always makes my car feel sluggish.
  • -=|Mike H.
    On another note, which dick head is taking a picture of a petrol pump with a digital camera? ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID?! Compose shot... click... FUCKING BOOOOOOOOM!
  • Magic
    "Compose shot… click… F***** BOOOOOOOOM!" I think not.
  • -=|Mike H.
    You're one of the dicks that uses your iPhone while filling your car then Magic?
  • Ash
    Mike Hock you are a complete idiot!
  • -=|Mike H.
    Sorry, scooter.
  • ball_sack
    Mike Hock just STFU!
  • RSG
    LETS CLEAR THIS UP MIKE HOCK IS A FOOL AND HAS NO IDEA OF WHAT IS HAPPENING There is nothign wrogn with fuel, an investigatio mnwas carried out ot find this is legit usign a camera or a mobiel near a fule pump is fine ..its am yth MIKE HOCK is martha_focker in diguise ignore him..he wants this attention!
  • Nobby
    “Compose shot… click… F***** BOOOOOOOOM!” Why? And what if someone turns their bike lights on as they pass a petrol station? Booom? I think not.
  • Chris S.
    Mike you need to get a life mate and go outside and talk to humans
  • -=|Mike H.
    "Why? And what if someone turns their bike lights on as they pass a petrol station? Booom? I think not." Fucks sake... Bulbs are sealed (vacuum), and if they're 'passing by' then the petrol has dispersed to a safe level, bell-end. Taking a picture right next to the pump is as stupid as iPhone users and Audi/BMW drivers
  • Xp3
    Mike Hock - good to see that retards like you have an access to the computers
  • -=|Mike H.
    You HUKD elitest wankers are really easily wound up :)
  • Name (.
    @-=|Mike Hock|=- Sir, You are a tool. Regards, etc.
  • RSG
    not wound up, dotn realy care to be honest with your pointless witterign if its relevant its best to ignore bitches like you however if you must rant at least make it relevant lol camera picutre goes must be a dumb fuck!
  • theniftyfox
    Goats the lot of you “Compose shot… click… F***** BOOOOOOOOM!” That is the best one i have ever read! your car engine has 25,000 volts running through it yes 25,000 and you think a 7.5 volt phone battery is going to give of a spark that can blow the fuelling station up what a WANKER you truely are, get a grip and whind your neck rite in ballbag.
  • TV's B.
    LOL Mike Hock is now trying to claim is he just trying to wind people up, when we all know that in fact, he has proven, once and for all, that is a complete and utter cunt.
  • Boobie m.
    Sorry Mike Hock, but your logic is confusing me. Clearly the picture was taken, and the petrol station didn't blow up. And yes, I'm an elitest wanker.
  • Tom P.
    Leave Mike Hock alone, you fat douche bags (yes, you know who you are)
  • Emma
    LMAO!!!! I always think its funny when idiots post nasty comments just to get a bit of attention. Thats not how you get friends.....hence the reason you have none and are on here trying to get attention, yet still you haven't learnt! How long before you do? Never? The sad thing is that you try and make out that its funny and you're having a good time and maybe you do honestly think that (which is even more sad) but one day you'll realise that you've been an idiot. And the really sad thing......... you'll probably make another idiotic comment to this without realising that it just confirms what ive said.
  • Craig
    I can always count on Bitter wallet to brighten up my day! It amuses me no end to see how seriously some people take this! As for the whole mobile phone/exploding petrol station thing, it has happened perhaps twice, and it was never fully proven that the mobile phone was actually responsible, more likely just conincidence that someone was using a mobile phone when the petrol ignited, probably due to static discharge. The theory behind why you shouldn't use a mobile phone in a petrol station is the fact that the signal from your phone can induce currents via electromagnetic radiation, the reason they interfere with speakers and you get that "bip bip bip bip" noise.
  • Craig
    And also, Mike Hock is a legend on here!
  • Iggy P.
    Come on Mike Hock, dont listen to them other Tools. Lets burn this Mother Fuckin place to the ground!!
  • Craig
    Iggy, nice to see you taking a break from trying to sell me car insurance you flabby, wrinkly, gurning, old bastard!
  • The B.
    Similarly it has been proven that chucking a cigarette onto a trail of petrol provokes about as much effect as Lenny Henry doing stand up.
  • Brian2
    "Posted by The Real Bob | September 8th, 2009 at 3:56 pm Similarly it has been proven that chucking a cigarette onto a trail of petrol provokes about as much effect as Lenny Henry doing stand up." Hi, Brian here. Lenny was a guest appearing on a television show called "The One Show" yesterday, he was a waste of space.
  • m B.
    Hello there, i am thinking of getting a new bike for my hubby. He however is very concerned around what type of risks could occur from motor biking accidents. Look his passion is sports so if he was hurt, he would probably kill himself, no jokes. Does this type of injuries usually occur, or is it usually most likely dying!

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