Deal Attack! Petrol prices dropping all over supermarket forecourts! 2p a litre!

25 October 2012

Bitterwallet - petrol prices increase

There’s a petrol price war breaking out this morning! Okay, so it’s only a small one, but it’s better than, erm, a petrol peace accord (or whatever you call it when prices don’t go down).

Yesterday evening, Asda petrol gurus announced that they will be cutting up to 2p a litre off their prices, with punters paying no more than 133.7p per litre. BUT, diesel users are set to be disappointed, with price of that remaining fixed at 139.7p a litre.

Shortly afterwards, Sainsbury’s and Tesco matched the 2p reduction which also takes effect from today. So there you go… FILL ‘EM UP!


  • captain c.
    All MY local big name Petrol Stations and Supermarkets have been ignoring one of the independents who dropped their price by 4p on Monday; perhaps they are now playing catch-up?? If it is only 2p though, the independent will still be cheaper. You'd think they were a fuel strike, the way queues have been forming outside, once the message got around about the price.
  • Sicknote
    Sure, but who wants to get their groceries from scumbag central like Morrisons or Tesco just to put shit fuel in their car....?
  • Mr M.
    My independant is also cheaper than Tesco/Shell, the mind baffles how they manage it!
  • Bob
    WTF is dis real??
  • captain c.
    Update, my local indie garage has responded by lowering their price even further.
  • Numpty D.
    If even indie garages can lower their prices on a whim it just shows how much we are being shafted by the lot of them. Not that we didnt know that already.
  • chewbacca
    Its almost like they're a...a...cartel. Or an oligopoly. Anyway, I digress. there have been many, many technical advances and breakthroughs which have been suppressed by successive oil companies and governments with regard to new fuels and fuel conservation methods. For every "my car runs on fresh air" crackpot story, there are a few which surface, then get buried. Fact is, governments use fuel as a method of control. If we all suddenly started filling our cars up with cut grass or dandelions then a number of economies around the world would collapse,rendering vast areas unstable and causing a real security headache for the first world. People, oil isn't the cause of tension in the world, its one of the few things preventing ww3.
  • captain c.
    You are correct, oil is one of the few things stopping WW3, none of the military budgets is high enough to buy the fuel to start a war!!!!!!!

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