David Cameron cares about stupid flags on driving licenses more than anyone else

driving licenseHave you even noticed that the current British driving license has a picture of an EU flag on it? Chances are, you haven't because you simply don't care. And quite right too. It's a stupid document that signifies little more than your ability to drive or act as a form of identification.

Downing Street doesn't see it like that. It wants a “national symbol” on it. Instead of something quintessentially British like shit weather or a Greggs pastie, it'll most likely have a stinking great Union Jack (it's best to call it a Union Jack so 'Union Flag' pedants get the hump) on it.

David Cameron said, with his Pilsbury Doughface: “I think people do find the endless – as Douglas Hurd put it – European interfering in the nooks and crannies of daily life infuriating. They know that our flag is the Union Jack not the EU flag.”

Last night, a Downing Street source said: “There’s no reason why the British driving licence should have the EU flag but not the union flag. People in this country are proud of our national symbols. It’s time that once again we allowed those national symbols on British driving licences.”

That'd be forgetting the fact that there's a huge swathe of people who feel a sense of nausea at the site sight of the British flag, thanks to misappropriation from right-wing political parties and enforced feelings of national pride from events such as the Jubilee.

Either way, there you go.


  • Avon B.
    It's Union Flag, you numbskull.
  • maxtweenie
    It's sight, not site you numbskull.
  • Alan
    Actually I care a lot more about the other shit that Europe forces on us than a silly symbol on a card I rarely look at
  • rizday
    Actually both Union Flag and Union Jack were deemed as acceptable by act of parliament in 1908
  • Steve
    May as well put the Pakistani flag on it - that's what mainly seems to live here now...
  • llusnewo
    I do not want that flag on my licence, there is no part of either of my flags on it! wow steve that's harsh
  • Steve
    Harsh, but true.
  • mr a.
    I'm with Steve
  • Betty S.
    Steve, that's unfair. Surely a Polish flag would be more suitable?
  • That a.
    Not really, there's a lot more Aleef news shops around than there are Polski Skleps.
  • That a.
    Ah damn, I was in the Wonga.com ads not the Mazuma Mobile one.
  • That a.
    Ah damn again, it wasn't either of those. It was envirofone. I just SAID wonga on the ad. You can see how easily confused I get (then again, there isn't a lot which doesn't confuse me these days)
  • Paddy
    It's only a Union Jack when it's flying from the Jackstaff of a Royal Navy vessel. Yours aye, A serving member of the RN.
  • Seymour
    Polish flag for Scotland Pakistan flag for England Picture of a sheep for Wales because it's all they can relate to.
  • Chlamydia P.
    Couldn't give a crap
  • margaret j.
    are not bothered about the eu flag, put our flag back on our licence the at least we will know how many eu members have not bothered to take our test here so they can drive legally, my friends son is 17, got his licence and going to learn to drive, a boy (polish) at his college is king home to polkaed get his licence there, so he does not have to pay for lessons here, just come straight back and drive like his pedants, his dad has got a licence, his mother not, she learnt to drive here going round and round the estate, their cars cannot be checked against anything, tax, insurance, nothing, it is about time it was stopped
  • confused c.
    @ margater thatcher-jenkins You forgot the full stop at the end.
  • bittertraveller
    @confused You were able to read long enough to get to the end of the rant? My eyes started bleeding from the jibberish, so I had to give up half way through.
  • comma
    she loves me.
  • jane
    I've read these posts and decided you are all a bunch of racists
  • Cheesey
    Luckily for Cheryl Cole she didn't have to sing to get a licence.
  • james d.
    It's a licence to drive in the EU so it has an EU flag on it, what's so bloody complicated.
  • ODDJoB
    BUT SURELY....Cole is her married name (nee Tweedy). The licence should read .....MRS. Cheryl Cole. Buck up your ideas. and more racism please...can never get enough of it. (against the sweaty socks if possible). TTFN

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