Compensation culture costs motorists £118

14 February 2013

There's something off about this car too.Aviva have published a report which, unsurprisingly, has a pop at those who like to make a claim or two. They reckon that personal claims arising from 'compensation culture' are adding £118 to every motor insurance premium.

So, all those people who made claims made for whiplash, have made premiums rise rapidly. Not the insurance companies themselves you understand, as they wouldn't do such a thing, especially when they're looking at figures that obviously include genuine claims.

Apparently, there's also been a surge in fraudulent activity, which means that people are staging car-crashes and passengers involved in these collisions are making false claims, which is remarkable. The dedication for getting a quick-buck is almost impressive.

Aviva’s report - 'Road to Reform: Reducing Motor Premiums by Reforming the Claims Process' - will be launched before March and hopes to improve the PI claims system.

Dominic Clayden, claims director at Aviva said: "Our primary concerns are that injured parties receive care and compensation as quickly as possible and that all motorists benefit from a reduction in excessive costs that have built up from claims over the last few years."

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  • noshit
    I would of let my nutsac show alittle, maybe not both balls but defo one & those boots OMG.
  • Phuck Y.
    I want compensation for all this compensation culture.
  • Whisky
    The way to fix this is cap the compo, minor injuries such as whiplash/broken arm etc get £300 max. Lose an arm/bollock etc and get more. The we will see how dedicated these fraudulent claimants are.
  • Dick
    ^ I doubt the insurance companies will even notice that some people are then claiming for five bollocks over a few different claims.
  • Alex
    This feels kind of disingenuous. Given that they were selling customer's information to the companies encouraging people to make claims.
  • Alexis
    Aviva made 1.45 BILLION profit in the UK last year. And they have the bare faced cheek to tell us they're over charging their customers by £118 a year?? They can feck off.
  • Yue
    Maybe the insurance companies shouldn't have fucking sold customer details to firms that deal with claims.
  • Sicknote
    I always claim personal injuries after every accident; I've even claimed again Morrisons when my missus slipped on some discarded meat and I claimed off Tesco for leaving a metal frame for holding baskets in the way of a door. I don't spend the money and instead buy premium bonds. Insurance companies make a bloody fortune so I feel I'm getting something back from them.
  • Shaz
    but your not getting it back fro the insurance companies its everyone's insurance that goes up and insurance companies continue making there profits

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