Company offers pointless £100k car wash

poolside-Car-wash A Fife car washing company, for some inexplicable reason, are offering a £100,000 car wash. The Ultimate Shine are using special Carnauba wax, which alone costs £65,000.

Paul Wilkins, the git who runs and owns the company, is aiming to attract high-profile customers.

In Fife?

He said: "Well, for that price I will fly out to any location in the world. I'm usually dealing with serious car collectors who have temperature-controlled showrooms. We're not talking about cars which are parked up on the side of the road so I travel to wherever they are kept."

He added: "I might need to go over it hundreds of times to make sure it is 100% clear of any marks. Each job is so different but what I say is that, for the £100,000 price, I will work on the car for as long as it takes. I'm a perfectionist so sometimes it's taken me a few months before I'm happy to hand the keys back."

In other news, celebrities and people who own expensive cars continue to have their cars cleaned in the exact same manner they did previously.


  • Mustapha S.
    Theres a place near me that does detailing for high end cars for £5k. Puts them back in showroom condition in around 3 weeks, so this bloke is priced right out the game.
  • Mustapha S.
    And just noticed from the link... "The wax alone costs £65,000." WHAT THE FUCK?! Is it made by Apple?
  • jim
    and just after hes finished waxing it a bird shats on the bonnet. haha
  • Joulupukki
    Carnauba wax is used on the outer coating of Minstrels. I wonder how many bags I could buy for £100,000? I like Minstrels.
  • Justin A.
    Or keep the £100K and buy a new car. Let's see how Paul Wilkins' ideas fare on Dragons' Den!
  • Alexis
    Even the top end waxes at £100+ come in tubs that will last for years and years. You only need to apply a miniscule layer of wax otherwise you can't get it off the car once its cured. 100 layers of wax is utterly pointless.
  • shiftynifty
    Is it a iphone.....
  • Sicknote
    Imagine if you; you're Chris Evan and you own the rarest Ferrari California valued at several million quid. You really think that 100K is stumbling block in getting that sexy beast into showroom condition..?
  • Dick
    They use wax extracted from the ears of gnats, or some shit like that.
  • Jasminehatesnewbarnet
    But what I dont get is this guy Paul says he can keep the car for months cleaning it till its perfect. Thing is how do the owners get to drive it then? Could be a sneaky way to get access to high end cars. He keeps it months, the owners think he is doing his high priest polishing magic wax rites, and all that time he is racing round in some slinky Bugatti!

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