Commercial Break - Take a walk on the weak side

Lou Reed is 67 years old today, and it cannot be denied that the man is a rock legend. Member of the Velvet Underground, collaborator with David Bowie in the 1970s, performer of Warhol tribute album Songs for Drella with John Cale, erm, married to Laurie ‘O Superman’ Anderson; it's all been happening for Lou over the past 40-odd years.

It hasn’t all been good though. We saw him play a shocking gig a couple of years ago where he shuffled on stage wearing what seemed to be his pyjamas. Then there’s Metal Machine Music, which is a steaming crock whichever way you listen to it. Or his double album inspired by Edgar Allen Poe – that was pretty wretched.

One of the lowest points though, has to be this Honda scooter ad. “Hey, don’t settle for walking” he says. Cock off Lou - we'd prefer walking thanks if the alternative is to look as awkward as you do perched on that thing. Oh, and happy birthday too, you clapped-out old goat.

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  • Ian
    I've never seen that cool ad before. Now you've made me want a Honda scooter!

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