Commercial Break: Evil Numan stopped in his tracks at last

Here’s an ad starring Gary Numan, seen flogging the corpse of his 1979 hit ‘Cars’ once again, as he is prone to do every few years (expect some fresh remixes of the song to crop up on iTunes shortly.)

But he’s doing it at a price. Two thirds of the way in, the stern-looking Numan gets a severe bollocking from an even sterner-looking and gruff Planet Earth over the synth-pop pioneer’s penchant for short motor journeys.

This particular ad is for the Scottish government's Go Greener Initiative but to us, it looks like the birth of a natural double act, a Brit-based version of Patrick Duffy And The Crab. Go on Numan you miserable twat, make it happen!


  • bob r.
    gnman my childhood hero turned into a video nasty!
  • dacouch
    Wow I never realised the Planet Earth had a Scottish Accent...
  • Brian
    "Posted by dacouch | August 3rd, 2009 at 6:24 pm Wow I never realised the Planet Earth had a Scottish Accent…" The Jock f&ckers are everywhere, just look at the Government, and the crap they've reduced the Country to.
  • Cath
    if you knew anything about Gary Numan you would know he doesn't like doing the 80's song's over and over. He prefers to concentrate on his newer darker music. Which in my opinion is much better than his earlier work. He does his older work now and again to please his current and new fan base. How about giving a legend singer a break! If his music is shit, then why do bands keep using samples?? The scottish government approached him for the track, which fits quite well being a 'cars' related track, dont you think??
  • Andy D.
    Come on now Cath, we're only teasing. But Cars HAS been a hit in 1979, 1987 and 1996. I bet his new stuff's shit. The Pleasure Principle however, is excellent. And don't get me started on Dazzle Ships by OMD, we'll be here all night...
  • Mike e.
    Wowzers, check Andy posting @ 10:33PM, yes PM! Above and beyond Andy and all that corporate shit.
  • Nobby
    Like most Scots with fake accents, Earth doesn't go anywhere near Scotland for tax reasons.
  • bananaman
    "The Jock f&ckers are everywhere, just look at the Government, and the crap they’ve reduced the Country to." Brian...what an ignorant racist you are...... Just because Scots people are white doesn't make it acceptable....would you say it about Indians? Oh, actually with a small mind and a retarded vocabulary like yours..yes you probably would. And just as a side note...yeah the country was doing so well anyway! Now matter who's in control It's all going to hell in a hand basket!
  • Mike e.
    What's your problem with Indians and the retarded Bananaman? And why are you so stereotypical that Hell is a bad place hmm?

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