Commercial Break: Meet Doug - Ford's new puppet spokesman

Our favourite advert character of 2010 was the Old Spice Guy, but time moves on and things change and he’s dead to us now. Because in 2011, it’s all about Doug.

He’s the new marketing spokesman for Ford Focus in the United States of A and he’s... erm, a puppet. With a lot of inappropriate thoughts and something lacking in the social skills department. He might also be an illegal immigrant. But he makes us giggle.

In the first three Doug films, we see him getting a guided tour of the Focus before hosting a fairly disastrous press conference at the launch of the car. Hopefully there’s more to come from Doug – we’ll keep you posted.


  • Idi A.
    Oy vey... Anybody who chooses a car because they're entertained by a puppet shouldn't be driving at all.
  • Mike
    Anyone think it looks like Zippy has been under the sun lamp for a bit?
  • The B.
    Is that Kwipke?
  • noghar
    Those are actually very very funny. And I've learned lots about the Ford Focus. Still would never buy one, but hey, that's advertising - half the time it doesn't work, and half the time it doesn't.
  • Fluidly U.
    Idi, If someone makes an important choice in life because they are entertained by one of the a "hot models" on most car ads, what should they be deprived of? There really is no difference between stuffing the upper part of a blouse with flesh and stuffing a sock with a hand. At least except the flesh in a blouse might trigger a daydream.

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