Commercial Break: Death to dirty petrol!

30 May 2011

Petrolheads – your time is almost up. Your dirty filthy cars and their disgusting emissions will soon be a thing of the past and this Nissan Leaf ad shows us just how ridiculous the concept of the petrol-fuelled car really is.

No longer shall we roar around the roads making loud exciting noises and belching smoke all over the place, and we’ll look back on it as being as ridiculous as petrol-guzzling dentist drills and computers. Ahhh, smell the clean air...

Although America might not be quite getting with the electric programme – here’s what they’ve done to a Smart car over there.


  • bawbag
    That Smart car monster truck is clearly in the UK as there appears to be a Tesco depot in the background...
  • Murray
    Pity that they can't pronounce Nissan. It's a Japanese word, not French.
  • Tom
    Built by a greek rally champion, video filmed in Brooklands in 2007.. Still, good to see increased marketing of electric cars.

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