Co-op Energy announce an actual price cut!

19 December 2011

Screen Shot 2011-12-19 at 13.02.42 If it wasn’t the season of goodwill, we’d be assuming that we were living in some kind of alternative universe – that’s because an energy supplier has announced an actual PRICE CUT.

The deranged mob in question is Co-operative Energy and they’ll be cutting their prices from February 2012, by an average of 3 per cent. Granted, it’s not a major cut, but they say that it’ll make them cheaper than the standard tariffs of the ‘Big Six’ in all 14 regions.

Their spokestalker, Nigel Mason, said: “This autumn's exceptionally mild weather has led to a drop in wholesale prices so we're passing on those savings as soon as we possibly can. Hopefully this will be welcome news in the run up to Christmas.” Yep - screw Jesus: from now on, Christmas will always be about celebrating the anniversary of the first Co-operative Energy price cut.

Co-operative Energy have only been pumping gas and firing electricity at people since May 2011, but they pride themselves on their simplicity, with just one tariff available that tracks wholesale energy prices. And, as it’s the Co-op, customers can also earn a dividend. Crazy hippy madness – it surely can’t last…

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  • Alexis
    Note the £63.00 annual fixed charge. Probably why I got this when I compared my price: "We are only £12.00 more per year than your current supplier. This takes into account our price reduction which is effective from 1st February 2012."
  • Joe
    "We are only £149 more per year than your current supplier," said the Co-op. "Suck my shit," said Joe.
  • Bum F.
    Sucks to be you two. "You can save up to £78.00 a year with us.", says Mr Co-Op.

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