C'mon boots, start walking... as record fuel prices slap motorists across the face

5 January 2011

carMore doom and gloom for motorists! Hurray! The price of a litre of unleaded petrol in the UK has reached a record high of 124.85p... and that doesn't include the VAT rise. It seems that we're all going to have to look for a new fuel to put into our engines and the most abundant thing around at the moment is despair. Look out for scientists developing depressed cars for us all to trundle along in.

Of course, this goes against everything that the coalition government has said regarding their claim that they were to put an end to the "war on motoring".

Still, at least they're keen on easing parking regulations. That's really helpful, especially when we're faced with everyone being priced out of driving altogether.

This could well mean that the coalition have protests from drivers as well as students now. Think back to every time there's been a fuel protests over the past ten years or indeed, the crazed panic buying of motorists which ground the country to a bizarre halt.

It goes without saying that the government will pass this off as an attempt to wean everyone off fossil fuels and toward electric cars, but of course, we're nowhere near our target of 11m needed by 2030 to meet our pledge for carbon emission cuts.

In short, you're just going to have to lump it or walk.

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  • Mr A.
    Electric fooking cars... like the "oh so beautiful" Nissan Leaf..... The frickin moron government give a £5,000 subsidy to the fugly thing and it still costs £24,000 WTF.... Who would drive such and ugly POS.
  • The B.
    Ah, but with train fares going up 10% year on year the car is still cheaper.
  • dieselpower
    try £1.34 for diesel - £1.24 wake the F up
  • Brad
    1 - Electrical cars cost a fortune for something thats distinctly expensive and extremely ugly. 2 - Anyone seen the price of electricity bills lately? They seem to go up as often as petrol. In other words we are fucked.
  • Mark C.
    Still, could be worse - it could be raining. Oh no, wait a minute...
  • Car B.
    re the leaf. The first electric cars are bound to be a bit expensive until the increase product and then prices will come down. I wouldnt care what it looks like if I am paying alot less than a petrol car costs.

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