Clarkson-voiced Top Gear satnav blocked in BBC policy mix-up


Dig, if you will, a picture, of yourself driving around, not sure of where you are, but with the voice of Jeremy Clarkson barking orders at you from a small device. That’s the nightmare that could be a reality for over 50,000 people soon, with the launch of the Top Gear satnav, narrated by the weird, bison-headed man-child from the TV show of the same name.

But there’s a twist. BBC Worldwide, who have developed the thing with TomTom, have been told that they won’t be able to make any money out of it. That’s because it runs against BBC editorial policy which prevents the show’s trio of talking gonks from making any money from motoring products. Shame. Sad, sad shame.

Everyone involved hoped that the Top Gear satnav would be a huge money-spinning Christmas hit with boring middle-aged men, but once the initial batch of 54,000 devices that have already been made and shipped to stores have gone, that’ll be it, with the profits going to Children In Need instead of Clarkson. Which is the only good thing to have come out of this desperate, sorry mess.


  • The B.
    " the profits going to Children In Need instead of Clarkson" Now that made me smile.
  • heywood j.
    Can they not offset all profits for these sort of ventures against the TV licence ?
  • Top A.
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