Citroen make first 'crowd sourced' car - prepare to feel betrayed

citroen facebook carSurely the people of the internet can only be relied on for one thing, and that's acting like bozos when asked a serious question. And most of the time, it is really funny.

So when Citroen asked Joe Facebook to design their new car, the crowdsourced effort wasn't nearly as amusing as it should've been. There's not a crudely drawn cock, boobs for wheels, unicorn horn or roof made from angry e-petitions in sight.

Bad, bad form.

Either way, Citroen have unveiled the C1 Connexion, which was designed by 24,000 configurations posted by consumers on Citroen's Facebook page. The car maker said that the C1 Connexion would be 'created for the Facebook generation, by the Facebook generation'.

Presumably it is filled with baby photographs and has a boot filled with mental mothers demanding that various criminals get put to death by the state then? With Farmville in the glove box.

“Citroen UK has a great relationship with its Facebook community – now almost 100,000 strong – and we’re always looking to give something back with exclusive news or competitions,” says Marc Raven, Citroen’s communications director. “Now Citroen fans can look forward to seeing this special edition C1, which they helped produce, on sale across the UK. I think that’s something they can be very proud of.”

No. They should be ashamed of themselves. We wanted something stupid, something that invaded our privacy and said "Zuckerberg Is A Bell" down the side and, ultimately, a car that didn't float at all well.


  • Dick
    Does it have the jet-pack for busy traffic?
  • Inspector G.
    Here's what I suspect actually happened at Citroen:- Head designer sits at a keyboard 'Screen that plays cat videos from Youtube' - 'No' 'Flux capacitor' - 'No' 'Does 150mpg' - 'No' 'Fires missiles' - 'No' 'Indicators mounted on the exterior mirrors' - 'YES!' Essentially coming to the same conclusion the car that the designer was going to design anyway but now with 24,000 potential customers who believed they were involved in the project.
  • Sicknote
    Citroen C1 + Toyota Aygo + Peugeot 107 = SAME FUCKING CAR...!!! ...where's the configuration in that you fucking surrender monkeys...?
  • b00b
    I'd like to say something funny here, but I don't have the necessary wit. Is it ok if I just pad out my message with SWEARING instead, because that's just as cool right?
  • Marky M.
    Soundproof box in the boot for storing children? No. Costs as little to buy as it seemingly did to make? No. Made from solid titanium for cheaper insurance? No. Wheels off a pram? YES!
  • Chewbacca
    @b00b You're new here, aren't you?

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